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Reasonable between surprise and accidental collision, anti-counterfeit scratch card

by:LG Printing     2021-03-18
When it comes to scratch cards, the first thing we think of is the small cards on the street. A few dollars to pay, sometimes a happy one. But you may not know that this is just one form of scratch card. Next, we will introduce to you the application of anti-counterfeit scratch cards in the market and the information attached to the products.

  1. Anti-counterfeit scratch card application scale

   With the widespread application of anti-counterfeit scratch cards in telecommunications, IT, catering, business, education and other industries. Especially for telephone cards in the telecommunications industry, due to the particularity of the industry, anti-counterfeiting scratch cards have become a kind of securities. Therefore, the information, printing, code hiding and design of card manufacturers are higher than other industries. In the telecommunications industry, anti-counterfeit scratch cards are often referred to as account-based phone number cards. In other industries, it is more called game card, network card, lottery card and learning card.

   2. Anti-counterfeit scratch card ink information

   Therefore, it is necessary to choose a special and suitable ink for scratch card anti-counterfeiting printing. This is a British goldsmith's scratch card silver ink. Anti-counterfeit scratch card ink, the ink is the code printed on it, which needs to be kept secret. When using, the ink is scraped off, you can see the code below. The anti-counterfeiting scratch card ink of the present invention has high hiding power and good wear resistance. It can simply be scraped off with a hard object or nail. When scraped off, the ink will automatically fall down, no powder will be scattered, and it is more environmentally friendly. After printing, it will not increase the difficulty of scraping and the deposit time.

   Advantages: clean shave, good hiding power. Defect: Cannot use other printing methods other than screen printing. Ink properties: colored viscous liquid, oily ink.

   Three, anti-counterfeit scratch card production requirements

   The production of anti-counterfeit scratch cards is much more difficult than ordinary printed matter. It is usually designed and produced by a professional anti-counterfeiting company or a professional printing factory.

   has the following requirements for the quality of anti-counterfeit scratch cards:

  1. Correctness of content

   The content of the anti-counterfeiting scratch card must be complete and accurate. If it is a draft card, the reward information, reward method, activity time and usefulness should be specified.

  2. Excellent printing quality

  The anti-counterfeiting scratch card is printed correctly and beautifully, and the printing quality is also a part of its product image display. Printing should meet the quality requirements of printed products;

  3. Scratch properly

   Anti-counterfeiting scratch card has its main information or awards under the scratch coating. Therefore, the scraping function of the coating is the main performance of the quality of the anti-counterfeiting scratch card. The scratch coating should be easy to scratch, but not easy to scratch. If it is too easy to scratch, the anti-counterfeit scratch card will only scratch on the scratch layer of the production and circulation ring segment, which will affect its use;

  4. Effective anti-counterfeiting measures

  In the design and production of anti-counterfeiting scratch card, its anti-counterfeiting function should be fully considered, and the selected anti-counterfeiting method should be guaranteed to be useful, and it is very difficult to avoid others forging in batches within a certain period of time.

   The prized anti-counterfeit scratch cards, which are widely used in the market now, are a promotional method adopted by manufacturers and merchants to promote consumption and give back to consumers, and they have played a prominent role. Scratch cards and take off cards are used to promote the company's products and services. This international popular promotion method is gradually being promoted in mainland China. Our company has a relatively mature system in related technologies. If you have any problems in the anti-counterfeiting industry, please contact us.

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