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Quickly remove adhesive of a few small coup

by:LG Printing     2021-01-28

adhesive is our life, we often use, it is convenient to use, fast and health; But once don't need it, clean up has become a difficult problem, if forced to deduct, may damage the surface area; Don't worry, share with you a few small make up today to remove adhesive small coup, from now on you will not be so troubled.

a, hair dryer, transferred to the hot air, the blower of stickers, blowing after the heated and easily to be torn off; If there is no hair dryer, roast can also, principle is to make it hot, glue viscosity decreases, after heated off easily.

2, wind, the wind evenly on the stickers, wait for two minutes, with her nails can easily tear off the stickers, will not leave offset printing.

3, white vinegar, pour vinegar on a piece of cloth, will have white vinegar soak the cloth cover on the adhesive, such as white vinegar put stickers after soaking, can the stickers.

4, eraser: like clean job, use a rubber polishing wipe stickers, but slowly will rid stickers.

5, lemon juice, is mainly used to remove the skin of the adhesive, paint a lemon juice on the skin, rub a few stickers can be removed.

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