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Qr code red envelopes marketing system solutions

by:LG Printing     2021-02-10
A good marketing method, can attract more customers, qr code get red envelopes this way of promotion is currently use more, consumers only need to scan the qr code can get red packets; Sweep WeChat code get a red envelope more direct and simple, is particularly fond of marketing for consumers. WeChat scan code get red packets to subvert the traditional brand marketing method, not only low cost, high efficiency but also improve the sales of the product and user viscosity. Then we will together to get to know some qr code red envelope marketing system solutions. < br / >

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a, qr code red envelope marketing system solution: < br / >
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1. Consumer code red envelopes, every goods by giving a red envelope qr code, after consumer shopping, sweep code can immediately receive a red envelope, in a red envelope marketing system background, activity parameters such as time, amount of red envelopes, the odds, merchants can custom Settings. The lens, drinks, ice Evergrande spring, yanjing beer, and other consumer drinks are in promotions.

  2. Fission red envelopes: sweep is not only a buyer code red envelopes, still can share friends to receive a red envelope, merchants can set the first scan code in the background to the bonus amount, as well as a red envelope to fission number, amount and consumers sweep code to receive a red envelope, and will share to the red envelope link WeChat group/circle of friends, friends can be gotten by linking corresponding red envelopes, fission red envelopes can accelerate brand spread of fission.

  3. Distribution of red envelopes: buyers and code red envelopes, and to become a distributor, generate qr code card, recommend friends to buy, get the commission, in a red envelope marketing system background, merchants can customize the Settings red envelope parameters and distribution level, the proportion of commission, etc. Through the commission incentive, formation of viral marketing fission.

  4. Ride a red envelope, is not simply a red envelope to consumers, but also can send red envelopes to the clerk, the seller, let its marketing your product, namely give each product a unique double red envelope qr code, guides and code first binding status, consumers buy code get red envelopes, guide activation bonus code, assistants to get a red envelope.

  5. Channel red envelopes: many wechat business enterprise, its agents, there are so many channels genuine anti-counterfeiting marketing system channels filled play, can be to level 1, level 2 agents, & hellip; … Different levels, such as the agent to send a red envelope, incentive agent channel replenish onr's stock, sell goods, prevent loss of the agent.

  6. Traceability red envelopes: based on the material yard technology, realized commodity traceability red envelope double function at the same time, consumers and code to receive a red envelope at the same time, to check the goods traceability information, build brand trust, a red envelope promotion can stimulate consumers to buy again, set sales.

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2, qr code red envelopes marketing system advantage: < br / >
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1. Effective control of activity time: product red envelope promotion time ( Start time and end time) Can be set to can be flexible Settings, such as the May Day, National Day, double, double 11 12 specific time such as promotion, can also choose to put in the red envelope rebates to customers for a long time.

  2. Effective control activities product: enterprises can set up this product has a red envelope, also can set up another product has a red envelope. Effective control activities goods, make hot style.

  3. To effectively control the winning crowd: based on a yard technology, enterprises can carry out identity/character set, realize effective control of winning the crowd. Can give the different roles such as consumer, the seller and the agent to send a red envelope, also can set up a regional consumers have a red envelope.

  4. Can effectively control: the chance of enterprises can set different products independently, can be 20%, 30%, & hellip; … Set of winning promotion cost, flexible control, ensure business profits.

  5. To effectively control award: based on a yard technology, enterprises can clearly know, which products have red envelopes, red packets amount is much, have a red envelope of products sent to the which region, to which consumers, the salesman and channel agents, etc.

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