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Qr code marketing system can bring what advantage?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-10
Qr code of marketing is to use a yard technology link brands and consumers, to provide online and offline support for new retail, technology, and through professional marketing and operational art help enterprises to establish contact with consumers directly. Various bits and pieces in the field of product marketing application scenario, complete customer found and conversion, and all aspects of marketing effectiveness. Then we both see qr code marketing brings together what advantage. < br />

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a, qr code marketing advantage of the: < br />
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1. Low operating costs: qr code marketing than media advertising, leaflets, etc. , has a certain cost advantage. Qr code present greatly cut the page number, and reduce the printing cost, no matter which kind of direction, the scale of the enterprise or business the qr code can be used for marketing, can give companies provide goods and services, improve enterprise's values.

  2. Add the contents of advertisements diversification: the monotony of plane advertisement has become history, only now in the place where a small printed on a qr code, can be in front of your customers and show unlimited text, exquisite pictures, and clear sound, animation, video, and so on. Enterprise publicity is no longer limited to the layout, the transmission form.

  3. Interactive marketing effect enhancement: marketing to revitalize the qr code, integration, optimization of traditional media resources, promoting online interactive marketing, but also rich WeChat, weibo, such as the form of interactive marketing, enhance the effect of marketing; Help the traditional enterprise through smart phones this important media will online conversion, a large number of customer groups allows businesses to win the starting line in the era of mobile Internet.

  4. Facilitate the advertisement effect check and adjustment: corporate advertising, after each qr code and code data comparison, can easily identify high cost performance of implement methods and time, put the money spent on the blade for enterprises. Qr code is based on intelligent mobile phone media marketing, can accurately Shadowed and analyzes every media, a record of the yard, contain consumer flicking code moments, code addresses, flicking code method and code such as total, selected is better for the enterprise marketing way, this is other media cannot do.

  5. Merchants across the online space stereo marketing: use a variety of preferential measures to guide the user to scan your own qr code and user code immediately after to pay attention to, through the traffic, which part of the potential customers will become offline real consumers, merchants can also according to the flow rate, timely adjustment of marketing direction, qr code into the important entrance physical stores and online consumption, crossed the entity, virtual space, closer to the interval between businesses and consumers.

  6. Peer competition differentiation: now peer pressure of competition. Want to attract the attention of the customer, first of all, you must set up different, need to get out more attractive way of marketing to attract customers. In your showroom, promoting copies, commodities have a qr code, with a qr code way to attract customers interested, guide the user to know your products, make them more believe that your products, so as to stimulate the purchase desire.

  7. Suitable for different industries: industries can according to their own product features, design different advertising, targeted, and novel way of advertising can attract a large number of users browsing, its effect also can go to the qr code marketing system background real-time query, also can refer to qr code marketing case choose suitable for their own marketing methods.

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