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Profitable Content Marketing - Why You Need to

by:LG Printing     2020-04-08
Content Marketing is a great way to bring in regular prospects and profits. It has worded great for me and my students for years. And you do want regular prospects and profits, right? Creating your own content You need to be able to create your own content. The biggest reason for this is that your prospects are attracted to your voice. I'm not talking about the actual audio sound of your voice. Prospects are attracted to your voice - and by 'voice' I mean these 2 things: 1) How you approach problems, and 2) How you solve problems. You've probably never heard of this before, because to my knowledge, I'm the only one that teaches content creation this way. When you create content in this way, people will want to go further with you. By the time they get to the end of your content and reach your call to action, they are thinking 'how can I get more from this person?' And there is your call to action waiting for them. But what about PLR? 'But Jeff, what about PLR? Why do you think it is so bad and must be avoided?' OK, let's make sure we are on the same page here. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. What this means is that someone else has created the content for you and you are paying for the right to use it and claim it as your own. PLR has become fairly popular online, especially as a 'solution' for those who believe they cannot create their own content. So let me share with you a few reasons why I believe PLR sucks: 1) Someone who is writing content for everyone to use is not writing in your voice. They are not approaching problems and solving problems the way you do, in your voice. 2) The name of Private Label Rights is very misleading, as it is not really 'private.' Any one who pays for it can use it. That means content you are promoting as yours can also claim and promote it as theirs. 3) Let me bring this home to you with an example. Imagine you think you have a private relationship with your spouse. You naturally believe you are the only one married to and with this person. Then one day you go to a restaurant and see your partner with someone else, another partner. Once you get over the shock, what are you going to be thinking about your partner? Exactly. Which is why you don't want your prospect finding 'your content' claimed by someone else too.
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