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Product packaging is used which anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-03-01
In the case of fake and shoddy products, wandered, many enterprises are used in product packaging anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting labels has various kinds and according to the different packing material, the types of anti-counterfeit labels are different. Enterprise after knowing material type custom tags can be more comfortable. Let's look at details.

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carries an anti-counterfeit label for the packaging of the common types are as follows: < br />
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1. The seal. A base material for the plastic film exposed type dry rubber seals, prevent dry rubber seal off first colorless words; Have, see color words on the paper, on the plastic article see clear colorless word, a minute or so the damage, the characteristics of the loss that is now is not commonly used anti-counterfeiting envelope, electronic maintenance label, etc.

  2. Easy shredding tags. Special and bad jelly material, easy to use paper printed trademarks, text, bar code, etc. , on the packaging will not fall off. Once the peeling, paper will crack.

  3. The comprehensive anti-counterfeiting jie creasing paper label. Comprehensive use of a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology production of stickers can enhance anti-counterfeiting function. In order to prevent tag stripping, exchange, reuse, using die cutting indentation technique to prevent stripping process of local labels, can't recover after stripping.

  4. Bar code technology. Currently in use has a variety of bar code, which has two kinds of main bar code bar code, the qr code. The goal is not only to let the application bar code technology to get faster, and at the same time in order to protect consumer interests of fake and inferior commodities.

  5. Laser hologram. Holographic technology in the application of anti-counterfeiting packaging mainly anti-counterfeit labels and logo printing. Influence of laser holographic anti-counterfeit label anti-counterfeiting label type and use location, the kinds of laser holographic anti-counterfeit labels have the following kinds, printing type, type a perm.

  6. Polyester film label font anti-counterfeiting. Suspension before no words don't article stickers suspension with aluminum foil and then label paper and packaging materials have significant color words.

  7. Transparent PVC matrix for jie common tag. Before no words label white adhesive label, then has a clear labels and packaging materials of color words.

  8. Transparent PVC hologram. Tag the labels and other documents such as labeled with custom laser holographic information transparent membrane, design and regular effect, increase anti-counterfeiting function, personalized tags.

  9. Bubble film label is a unique half gloss white film, made from a layer 2 polystyrene film synthesis. It is transparent film surface, suitable for printing, the lower is the expansion of white bubble film. The use of acrylic acid and the adhesive. Anti-counterfeit effect is good, label attached to the base material after the suspension, separated into 2 thin film, label is broken, and residual foam layer and residual marks, use packing is difficult to remove. Suitable for use in damp environment, especially in the beverage, dairy products and other products in the process of production, packaging, great practical value. Suitable for use in a glass, PVC, polystyrene bottles, light packaging label.

  10. Paper-based local uncovered the type label. The label base material is coated paper ( Also can use the special paper) LCD offset, gravure and. Obviously only the top and bottom are, according to data input for consumers to query. This tag, repeat as the use of seals, stickers, well off.

  11. Rule type composite anti-counterfeiting label is a self-adhesive anti-counterfeit label. When using, label directly on the goods; Identification, label is clear, stay at your fingertips pre-design contact Yang figure; The following tags are invisible fingers shadow figure. As you can use the holographic membrane material, coated paper and the set of materials.


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