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Process analysis of requirements and production of laser anti-counterfeit labels

by:LG Printing     2021-02-03
Laser label' target='_blank'>anti-counterfeit labels are relatively beautiful of anti-counterfeiting label anti-counterfeiting labels, its appearance is sparkling, the gold, and other labels is not the same place is beautiful appearance also not bad in terms of performance, this is the advantage of laser anti-counterfeit labels, because in anti-counterfeit labels, tags are diversified, carries an anti-counterfeit label for the different material is different, so, anti-counterfeiting labels are made so much? Then to give you a detailed introduction of its production requirements and procedures. < br / >

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in the first place, the production of laser anti-counterfeit label requirements include the following: < br / >
< br / >
1, identity only sex: anti-counterfeiting technology products anti-counterfeiting to identify the characteristics of uniqueness and metastatic. Do a product, for example, digital anti-counterfeit laser anti-counterfeit label a status code, each laser anti-counterfeit labels only one-time use, do not use. < br / >
< br / >
2, stable: under the condition of normal use, anti-counterfeiting technology product anti-fake identifying features may continue to insist on very short time. The fluorescent ink and temperature change ink, for example, have attenuation period. < br / >
< br / >
3, reliable) : under the condition of normal use, laser anti-counterfeit label anti-counterfeiting technology products anti-counterfeiting identifying features have been copied successfully a very short time. This is customers are very concerned about, shall be made by the manufacturer promise period. < br / >
< br / >
4, anti-counterfeiting efforts: to identify the authenticity, avoid pretend to make the durability of the function and the degree of the firm. Anti-counterfeiting efforts by the anti-counterfeiting to identify the characteristics of the quantity, the number of anti-counterfeiting technology monopolistic, the difficulty and asset size 4 elements of duplication. < br / >
< br / >
5, using adaptive: anti-counterfeiting technology product anti-fake identifying features can be adapted to the subject matter or the service target using requirements. < br / >
< br / >
second, laser anti-counterfeit label details of the production process are the following: < br / >
< br / >
1. Design manuscript: more than professional designers to design plans to see.

  2. Blind film: make produce laser anti-counterfeit version with color blindness.

  3. Do version: according to the design drawing room of laser film version on the manuscript, and film production version ( Usually single pieces of tags) 。

  4. Electroforming: as good version to electroforming, metal version ( Metal samples) 。

  5. Puzzle: metal version machine carries an anti-counterfeit label for the spell to make use of large version.

  6. Electroforming again: big electroforming holographic anti-counterfeiting stamper, and assignments ( The moulding machine use) 。

  7. Moulded: homework by moulding machine pressed picture printed on the PET aluminum plating film.

  8. The net: another film drying network printing scratch layer preparation.

  9. Bei, anti-counterfeiting laser anti-counterfeit label code: bei hole, appearance code.

  10. Coating, laser anti-counterfeit label code back glue products, according to the customer's begged and posted as don't have to choose type rubber ( Oil glue, glue, collagen, etc. ) 。

  11. Scratch on the silver: silver to scratch to dry before the next working procedure, otherwise the next process cannot be completed.

  12. Scratch on the silver print, such as; Scrape coating combination bian authenticity.

  13. Die-cutting: in accordance with the company begged to make cutting die, die cutting into various shapes of standard anti-counterfeiting labels.

  14. Waste: put the rest of the paper after die cutting off.

  15. Quality inspection: a very important step, through quality inspection remove non-conforming product, make up for qualified products, some quantity no need to repeat the above operation process, to ensure that the laser anti-counterfeit label sent to the hands of customers are good. < br / >
< br / >
laser anti-counterfeit label is not only good-looking appearance, anti-counterfeiting performance is also very good, its use range is very broad, such as electronic products, automobile products, food, clothing and so on, but it is not recommended cosmetics oh, because, after all is laser anti-counterfeit labels, some consumers still very mind, above, is the small make up to you to introduce the production process of laser anti-counterfeit labels, do you have for anti-fake label already have a general understanding of it, carries an anti-counterfeit label for the understanding also is to own a security.

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