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Printing full version of the common printing problems in field hair flower phenomenon

by:LG Printing     2021-01-29
In self-adhesive stickers, color box, manuals and other printed matter of printing process, there will be a variety of printing problems, for different problem will take different ways to deal with, now in the full version of printing on printing field hair flower phenomenon do simple introduction.

field hair flower phenomenon is the full version in the full version of the field when printing a bad phenomenon, at this time will often occur field part of the inky different thick, inky hair flower ( Uneven shades) Such as some of the phenomenon, especially in the large area of blue and green colors. This phenomenon is in gravure printing, the use of a phenomenon produced by low viscosity of the ink, also with the mesh point ( Screen Angle) The mesh depth related to the factors such as line number.

mesh in the depth of the ink to paper and plastic film on the substrates such as if shade is uneven, when would be a tiny spot two-tone.

we commonly used in general the solution is to adjust the ink viscosity, ink to add just the right amount of diluting agent, used to change the printing mesh point of view, depth and line number, etc. In addition, the corrosion process and laser plate-making, note also deepen the depth of the print mesh.

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