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Principles and characteristics of laser anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-04-07
Nano-level anti-counterfeiting is demonstrated by the dynamic changes of laser holography, which is used for the authenticity of Baihu products. Use a tool called raster to produce dynamic color effects. Divide our daily life into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and visible light except for purple; that is to say, the common iridescent light colors.

  一. Process principle

   not only requires the use of special materials and novel high-tech techniques, but more importantly, it ensures that the product is not easy to be counterfeited in principle, because even the producer himself cannot copy and paste. In real life , It is completely possible to produce this kind of products, just make random numbers in the production process accordingly. Various environmental parameters are generally not exactly the same every time you shoot. It is completely impossible to take two shots of information per millimeter. This is the fundamental reason why holographic authenticity only needs a little contrast, and counterfeiting is quite different; of course, it cannot be counterfeited in principle, but from a visual point of view It is still necessary to provide users with obvious characteristics, so as to better achieve the convenience of authenticity.

  二. Classification

   can be divided into digital stereo holography, hybrid holographic plate making skills, optical plate making skills, optics

  三. Usability

   It can be divided into a one-time anti-counterfeiting trademark. After copying, it will be destroyed if it is torn off again, so that it can better avoid re-use; long-term effective label, it can not only be authentic Being able to copy multiple times is not susceptible to loss.

   Four. Features

  1. Laser tearing left words: After this kind of laser anti-counterfeiting label tears off the logo, there are still hidden laser painting pictures and colors, and painting pictures or copywriting can be left, and the content can be specified.

  2. Laser dynamic authenticity: This kind of authenticity laser anti-counterfeiting label follows the visual change, and the painting pictures in the logo will appear regular and beautiful dynamic effects, and attractive.

  3. Laser three-dimensional three-dimensional: This kind of anti-counterfeiting mark needs to rely on 1:1 model micro-engraving, which has a strong sense of three-dimensional space.

  4. Laser label with digital authenticity: Consumers can check authenticity by phone.

  5. Disposable laser anti-counterfeiting label: The trademark can no longer be used, and the drawing will be damaged.

  6. Laser label without digital authenticity: refers to the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label in general.

  7. Laser low-frequency lithography; lithography computer monochrome painting pictures; lithography multi-color computer painting pictures; lithography micro-encryption.

   8. Laser animation and dynamics, laser reflection encryption, laser micro encryption.

  9. Long-term effective laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label: the trademark can be reused, and the painting picture is not easy to be damaged.

   The two light waves have the same vibration rate; there is a fixed gap at the meeting point; there is a consistent vibration aspect. The amplitude is also consistent. Therefore, the laser generated by the laser can classify the different colors according to the grating, and can control the direction of observation. Eventually, the generated interference fringes will be recorded on a special carrier. After development, a unique holographic anti-counterfeiting label is produced. Generally speaking, in the field of industrial applications, this label will be copied and mass-produced. As a result, each product will contain an anti-counterfeiting label.

  Laser anti-counterfeiting skill is a kind of skill to control light. This avoids that the success rate of scanning, copying, and counterfeiting is almost zero. And most of them are more exquisite, more and more banknotes have application areas, and more and more documents have application areas. Such as our ID card, driver's license, passport, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan permits and so on.

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