We are engaged in custom hologram sticker printing, security stamping label and packing label printing nearly 20 years.

Premium Vinyl™ Holographic Sparkle

by:LG Printing     2020-08-13

In a globalised market, defending one's brand, preventing counterfeiting and duplication of products is of prime importance. At leo we notice this and have provide you with Security Hologram labels Solutions to beat counterfeiters.

We present international patrons with a whole resource for their packaging needs similar to cheap China Holographic Label. You can also find other packaging and printing options such as hologram sticker, sticker label, adhesive sticker with aggressive value. Let us help you to make the most of our worth-added merchandise offerings to meet the demanding wants of your native market and clients. This holograms are the result of designs comprising many tiny dots, the place every dot is a separate diffraction grating. dot-matrix holographic sticker can have tons moving, flipping, zooming effect,and so on.

We offer a range of customized labels together with security holograms stickers, safety papers like tamper-evident and write-protected and security inks. Cost of adding a security characteristic in a sticker label is negligible in comparison with the revenues lost as a result of counterfeiting. As custom security hologram producers, we ensure these merchandise are adapted according to shopper wants. Most of the safety label options can be supplied in thermal labels. Process Label Systems has been producing promotional advertising products including labels, decals and small signage for over 25 years.

We can recombine good dot-matrix impact along with 2D/3D hologram which has good viewing depth with totally different layers and hidden text. Dot Matrix holograms incorporates kinetic effects and protects products from being solid, tampered or imitated. Pattern launch tamper evident holographic labels leave VOID, ORIGINAL, Honeycomb form phrases residue when removed. Customized design word or picture residue also can be made which is separated from aluminum layer when hologram sticker is broken. Overprinting release holographic sticker leaves over printing word or image in red, black and different colors.

Product packaging and labeling must be interesting so as to attract shoppers. Improve visibility with eye-catching holographic label printing from Label-Aid Systems, Inc. Holographic materials make the most of a particular foil kind and light-weight reflection to create transferring patterns. Our team can print custom logos, textual content, designs and graphics directly onto holographic stickers and labels.

Not solely do we offer top quality labels and packaging, we offer useful options. Technology is forever changing, and so are our suppliers and Holographic Label who all the time keep their standards high and has fostered innovation in everything they do. From their methods and end products to how which might be preserving and defending the environment.
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