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Positioning carries an anti-counterfeit label for the hot method have?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-04
Carries an anti-counterfeit label for the hot stamping is a kind of built according to the printing process and technology anti-counterfeit labels, hot stamping version can be divided into general stamping and positioning hot stamping, scale and quality of its reasonable curb counterfeit. Hot stamping the positioning of the high accuracy standard, automatic high-speed positioning combined with the production. Counterfeiters from cost and risk considerations, usually not upside of choose and buy the equipment, the use of small artificial forging equipment, hot stamping and quality error is large, thus forging speed greatly reduce. Production technology < br / >
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1. Additional anti-counterfeiting technology < br / >
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miniature text, part to aluminum can improve the level of security. Used in high power magnifying glass to see clearly, in addition to hide the effects of its only, need to read by a special apparatus, and as a means of internal control and communication.

  2. Female version of the technology of choose < br / >
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anti-counterfeiting visual features from the motherboard. The motherboard technology advancement and exclusive directly affects the level of security. Because indisputable, mastering technology promotion level is higher, its security level is lower. Although one hundred percent holograms may not be copied, but according to use the same technology is able to follow its role, for anti-counterfeiting products, this is an invalid anti-counterfeiting. The market usually thought that the hologram optical anti-counterfeiting technology, optical anti-counterfeiting technology also be applied to the market on money, passport, identity card and so on the height of the anti-counterfeiting, but most are not hologram.

  3. Reasonable security standards of positioning electrochemical aluminum < br / >
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the electrochemical aluminum on the quality of the standard is mainly divided into fine promotion, the domestic many powerful packaging enterprises in my company purchases the high-speed stamping equipment, stamping speed is also rising. When using flat molding machine manufacturing, to meet the batch production, choose each time more hot stamping multiple design puzzle mode, namely each foil design stamping more than one at a time. Thus the high accuracy and hot stamping foil performance standards. Advantages of < br / >
< br / >
1. High accuracy standard of equipment, for each process to strict quality management. Therefore, the introduction of complete sets of advanced equipment from abroad, and for each process carried out strict quality management and testing.

  2. Through massive experiments of moulded in detailed test data, the analysis and comparison on the basis of the data, will determine the way with a wide voltage build positioning accuracy and stable mass manufacturing stamping roll with mark is more ideal.

  3. Testing work in all kinds of standards specifically the shrinkage rate of raw materials, work standard contains here production equipment of pressure, temperature, volume release tension, speed and other processing technology standard, from the midst the better process parameters, and then on the premise of guarantee machining process parameters for special raw materials to carry out a large number of manufacturing testing, to identify the special raw material shrinkage rate stable.

  4. Based on all kinds of mold manufacturing test and track inspection, selected one kind of relatively stable deformation coefficient of excellent quality, mold, hot stamping effect better raw materials with membrane as manufacturing positioning hot roll mark special raw materials. Application field < br / >
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market application in medicine food labels, daily chemical product label, most of the fields such as electronic product label, is one kind of more common anti-counterfeiting technology. Process < br / >
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by hot plate electrochemical aluminum heat, stripping layer melt, then resin layer is melting, when embossing resin layer and substrates, aluminized layer and color on substrates. Principle of < br / >
< br / >
use magic eye position the hot stamping design, higher than common sheet stamping have technical difficulties, anti-counterfeiting efficiency is higher. We also can customize according to customer's demand, can be combined with the temperature change, drip anti-counterfeiting, qr code security, grain security and so on a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology, constantly improve the difficulty of anti-counterfeiting, to protect your brand.

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