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Popularization of laser anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-03-09
With the development of science and technology, printing technology has also been reformed and innovated, and more and more good printing technologies have begun to be known by people. Nowadays, when everyone buys goods outside, do they habitually look at the anti-counterfeiting label and see the authenticity of this product? The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label you see more often is the new thing in the 21st century. The wide range and public awareness of the anti-counterfeiting labels is also relatively high, but in addition to the QR code anti-counterfeiting label, there is also a better-looking label, which is the laser anti-counterfeiting label. Next, the editor will introduce to you How is the laser anti-counterfeit label made?

  Laser anti-counterfeiting label means: laser anti-counterfeiting label is a kind of visible graphic information made on the product by using laser rainbow hologram plate making technology and molding copy technology.

   Laser anti-counterfeiting label production process:

  1. Design: Professional designers will issue design manuscripts to clients for confirmation according to their needs.

  2. Lithography: Carry out lithography through the designer's manuscript, lithography into a photoresist plate, and the photoresist plate is a small version.

  4. Electroforming: Use the prepared small version to electroforming to obtain a small metal version (metal sample).

  5. Imposition: The small metal plate is put together on the jigsaw machine to form a large plate for manufacturing anti-counterfeiting marks.

  6. Re-Electroforming: Large-sized electroforming holographic anti-counterfeiting master, and working version (for upper mould pressing machine).

  7. Moulding: The work plate is embossed on the PET aluminized base film by the moulding machine.

   8. Coating: Coat the surface of the label with glue.

  9. Die-cutting: According to the status and size of the label, die-cutting into various shapes and specifications of anti-counterfeiting labels.

  10. Discharge: Discharge the remaining paper after die cutting.

  11. Quality inspection: A very important step. After the quality inspection, the unqualified products are removed and the qualified products are replaced. The laser anti-counterfeiting labels produced in this way can be delivered to customers with quality assurance.

  12. Storage: Put the produced labels in storage for shipment.

   In addition to the above, when making anti-counterfeiting labels, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

   1. The formal anti-counterfeiting company will require customers to provide company-related documents, brand registration certificates, processing authorization, and stamp your company's official seal to prove the brand ownership to prevent counterfeiting.

  2. Whether the design plan really meets the loopholes and shortcomings of your product, it must be tailor-made for you to solve the fundamental problem.

  3. Sign a confidentiality agreement, the two parties may not disclose their anti-counterfeiting technology, company information, etc. to a third party, and keep all the information of both parties confidential and kept by the commissioner.

  4. Printing information such as design proofing and signed manuscripts.

   The appearance of the laser anti-counterfeiting label is very shiny, and it is also diversified. There are several colors such as gold and silver. The refraction of these colors will reflect colorful under normal light and sunlight. In the past, QR anti-counterfeiting labels have richer colors. Therefore, they have always been loved by major companies. The production and materials of laser anti-counterfeiting labels are a little bit higher than ordinary labels, so , The price is also higher than some common labels, but it will be excellent value for money. The above is the editor introduced to you, the production process of laser anti-counterfeiting labels, I hope it will be helpful to you.
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