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by:LG Printing     2020-08-14

holographic papers data anti-pretend mark based on declare 1, is characterized in that, hologram layer and paper substrate are mixed by hologram layer transfer paper by hologram layer . Described two-dimentional code layer, the key higher effects if of two-dimentional code layer, and bigger amount of data could be contained. The object of the invention is to supply a kind of holographic papers data anti-fake mark, and hologram layer can be degraded, and cannot once more be utilized, multiple anti-faux, can stop false proof being cracked. don't stop anti-counterfeiting mark itself by the technical methodology once more utilized.

Some applications require custom sequential numbers associated to present numbering techniques already in use by your organization. Special sizes could also be required for custom-fit molded or inset shapes in merchandise. For immediate, on-demand and simply in time security labelling we offer Traceless thermal transfer ribbon.

Price depend on the product details ,so please kindly inform us of fabric, thickness, dimension, printing shade and different necessities. Our legacy first iteration anti-counterfeit label was more than met the attention and featured by the likes of Reuters. holographic papers data anti-fake mark in accordance with claim 1, it is characterized in that, be supplied with scratch-off layer , scratch-off layer covers on digital changeable layer , and scratch-off layer part covers on digital changeable layer . holographic papers info anti-faux mark according to declare 3, is characterised in that, printed layers is openwork part B relative to digital changeable layer position, and digital changeable layer is positioned at openwork half B.

If purchasers have any questions concerning the authenticity of a bearing, please contact NTN at Only in direct mild, a digit is visible, repeating the final digit of the safety code. Custom names, special widths or lengths, and extra customized variables could also be obtainable.

This is a premium resin ribbon that delivers sharp, sturdy impressions which are mechanically embedded with Kodak’s extremely-covert security markers. Interested in anything in the vaping fields, from vape gadgets, news and events, to vape shops.

Stay up to date on trade news and trends, product announcements and the newest improvements. Additionally, NTN has developed the “AuthentiBear” app that assists purchasers to determine, by scanning a QR code, if bearings are real NTN bearings.
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