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Original title: what should be paid attention to when doing anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:LG Printing     2020-02-22
The significance of anti-counterfeiting labels lies in the scheme and effective means for brand users to protect their own brands, but choosing anti-counterfeiting technology is also a major problem we are facing at present. General users do not know where to start when choosing anti-counterfeiting technology, because first of all, we do not have in-depth understanding of anti-counterfeiting technology, only know that it is non-reproducible and products. This logo is based on paper logo, spray printing anti-counterfeiting digital, and then covered with special ink. The logo is divided into four parts: surface layer, sub-layer, mucosal layer and bottom layer. The surface layer is a removable silver powder film that can print characters and patterns; The second layer is colored or white coated paper or fragile paper printed with anti-counterfeiting identification codes. Nowadays, the flattening of the market economic system makes the total number of fake and shoddy goods soar, which has greatly blinded enterprises and customers. Enterprises have curbed the promotion of fake and shoddy goods in various ways. Nowadays, application, more is also anti-counterfeiting labels, enterprises do not need too much principal to make anti-counterfeiting labels, customers can also carry out anti-counterfeiting inquiries according to the anti-counterfeiting marks, which is a very visual difference between true and false goods. Therefore, the anti-counterfeiting label has also become a must-have product in the whole process of anti-counterfeiting. Anti-counterfeiting label customization steps: First of all: enterprises must supply enterprise talents, such as business license, tax registration, trademark registration number, production license and other photocopies. Step 4: supply trademark logo images and company names of well-known brands. The anti-counterfeiting company transfers several satisfactory anti-counterfeiting labels for customers to choose according to customers' post requests for anti-counterfeiting professional skills of anti-counterfeiting labels, the situation of commodity outer packing boxes, and the design scheme. The customer selects and designs the anti-counterfeiting label of the scheme, and signs and judges the design drawing. Step 2: sign the anti-counterfeiting agreement. The Enterprise and the anti-counterfeiting company signed the anti-counterfeiting label making and entrusted to the contract and the network access contract, and the network access contract indicated the rights and job responsibilities of both sides. Signing the anti-counterfeiting agreement must be signed and stamped on both sides. According to the left and right, anti-counterfeiting label enterprises submit orders to the processing factory step by step to make anti-counterfeiting labels. It is not that the anti-counterfeiting label does not work, it must be fake. The practical significance of the anti-counterfeiting label is a plan and an effective way for well-known brand customers to maintain their own products, however, the selection of anti-counterfeiting professional skills is a difficult point. The average customer does not know how to start when selecting anti-counterfeiting professional skills, because many customers have a deep understanding of the professional skills of anti-counterfeiting, I only know the ID number of the goods that he is not good at copying. According to the detailed introduction of the anti-counterfeiting label, trust is also a must for the anti-counterfeiting label. Items with light anti-counterfeiting labels are not necessarily true. Anti-counterfeiting labels are references used by product manufacturers or trademark holders to distinguish their own products, regardless of the quality of the products themselves. Anti-counterfeiting labels can prove that the products are produced or sold by enterprises and the quality of the products. Responsible editor:
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