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Original title: What functions can two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels achieve?

by:LG Printing     2020-02-27
With the rapid development of mobile Internet and e-commerce, two-dimensional codes are also widely used. As one of the entrances to the Internet, the two-dimensional code can be said to be a bridge between enterprises and consumers. The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label also has information that can be encrypted and store a large amount of data information, which can help enterprises to track and monitor the whole process of product circulation. The application of two-dimensional code in anti-counterfeiting industry, as long as it is combined with anti-counterfeiting labels to form two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels, breaks the limitations of traditional anti-counterfeiting labels. It not only endows the label with anti-counterfeiting function, but also realizes product quality and safety traceability, data monitoring, etc. The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label can also effectively enhance the brand image of the product through its personalized appearance, providing consumers with products with guaranteed quality and safety. Why do most products use two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels? 1. The use of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels can provide consumers with convenient inquiry methods, and the popularization and application of mobile Internet and smart phones provide large development space for two-dimensional codes. For example, when we buy a product, we can check the detailed information of the production process of the product by scanning the two-dimensional code on the product to understand the past and present of the product. 2. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels can help enterprises and consumers build bridges, thus enabling interactive communication between enterprises and consumers. In the process of consumer inquiry, information can be fed back to enterprises in real time, thus quickly solving problems for consumers and improving consumers' trust in product brands. 3. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels help consumers identify the authenticity of products, and at the same time facilitate anti-counterfeiting. Increase the difficulty of counterfeiting, make the counterfeiters unprofitable, and prevent counterfeit and shoddy products from affecting brand interests. Two-dimensional code security standard has what function? 1. Product anti-counterfeiting two-dimensional code the combination of anti-counterfeiting label and anti-counterfeiting system is based on two-dimensional code encryption technology and Internet technology. Consumers can check the authenticity of the product by scanning the two-dimensional code on the product package, after scanning the code, the production information, agent authorization information, official selling price, etc. of the product will appear. If any abnormality is found, it can be timely fed back to the merchant through telephone, short message, network, etc, protect your rights and interests. 2. Product quality tracing the two-dimensional code traceability system is based on the digital technology of products and the perception technology of the internet of things. It realizes digital management of a single product by assigning codes to it, an intelligent information management system that helps enterprises and consumers monitor, query and trace product quality in real time. It effectively improves the product quality and the production efficiency of the enterprise, and enhances the ability of the enterprise to control the products. Enterprises can log in to the traceability management system to collect data and set up early warning, and can analyze the data of product raw materials and production processes. 3. Anti-fleeing goods management the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is combined with the anti-fleeing goods management system to assign codes and monitor its products. Through the monitoring of products in the Channel circulation link, the interconnection and interaction of commodity information among manufacturers, distributors and consumers can be realized, and real-time early warning and monitoring of the phenomenon of fleeing goods can be carried out. Help enterprises promote the orderly flow of commodities in the distribution network, realize strict supervision and control, improve the channel management level of enterprises, reduce and avoid channel risks, improve the quality of products and services, and establish enterprise brands, reduce the losses of enterprises and consumers and improve consumer satisfaction. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels can be applied in various industries, such as food, cosmetics, fast-moving consumer goods, etc. The emergence of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels has standardized the market order, enhanced consumers' anti-counterfeiting awareness, and provided consumers with products with guaranteed quality. The emergence of Shenzhen Zhaoxin QR code anti-counterfeiting labels, consumers buy products with such labels, can be verified by mobile phone scan code, WeChat public number, phone calls, equipment, etc. , to dispel consumer concerns. Through the anti-smuggling management system, increase the control of dealers and other links, and a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting operation system, it provides a solid guarantee for brand image and product operation. Responsible editor:
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