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Original title: What are the advantages of one thing and one yard anti-counterfeiting label?

by:LG Printing     2020-03-06
With the advent of the Internet era, WeChat, qq, these commonly used social software has become more and more popular, coupled with the function of WeChat scan, to achieve online and offline connections, whether it is shopping or other, people are used to using WeChat to scan the QR code, which is simple and convenient. In fact, the function of two-dimensional code is more than that. It can also be combined with anti-counterfeiting to endow product identity cards in the form of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels, thus realizing the era of internet of things. So, what are the functions of the world's genuine Yuanzhi code? 1. It is convenient to inquire. At present, it is very convenient and simple to identify the two-dimensional code on the mobile phone. You can inquire by scanning the code with WeChat without downloading special software. When consumers want to inquire about the authenticity of products, they only need to use mobile phones to accurately inquire about product information anytime and anywhere through mobile networks. 2. Effective communication, consumers can check product information in time and interact with enterprises to enhance their trust in brands. 3, accurate statistics, accurate statistics on the number of customers, behavior, and real-time access to consumer feedback information. 4, combat fraud, each QR code is unique. Paste the QR code label on the product. The user only needs to scan it with the mobile phone, immediately identify the authenticity, and push the product picture and anti-smuggling information to the customer. Increased the cost of fraud by counterfeiters, making fraud unprofitable. 5, powder absorption function, two-dimensional code as a medium of paper media and the Internet, more and more accepted by the majority of customers, through various means to promote the use of the public's curiosity, scan code to increase fans. 6. Brand promotion, with the help of two-dimensional codes, can guide the customer traffic of mobile terminals to the system platform, improve the click-through rate and conversion rate of websites, absorb website traffic and convert it into expansion and transaction traffic. 7. E-commerce two-dimensional bar code, as a convenient entrance to the mobile Internet, provides a convenient and efficient user experience for smart phone users, giving full play to the Information Management effect of 'read as you are' and 'What you see' of the mobile Internet has greatly expanded the application space of the mobile e-commerce industry in breadth and depth, it has opened up the e-commerce industry chain of upstream and downstream information carriers, industry applications, operation platforms and mobile terminals. 8. The member management QR code is not only the anti-counterfeiting code for product identification, but also the credit certificate for member consumption. The system background automatically counts its consumption information and establishes member information files; Responsible editor:
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