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Original title: What are the advantages of customized laser anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:LG Printing     2020-02-10
With the increasingly fierce competition in economic development, a large number of product frauds caused by malicious competition in the market have caused serious economic reputation losses to brand products. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are anti-counterfeiting products that are deeply loved by product enterprises, its birth effectively curbed the smooth movement of some fake goods. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels were born with malicious competition in the market and rampant fake goods that put the brand at risk. Today we are introducing laser anti-counterfeiting labels that are widely used and have a 'bright' appearance, what are its anti-counterfeiting principles and advantages. First, the main technical introduction of laser anti-counterfeiting labels: laser anti-counterfeiting labels mainly apply laser anti-counterfeiting technology, and laser lithography anti-counterfeiting label technology is also called laser coding technology, also known as laser 'burning' technology. Because the laser coding machine is expensive and cannot be widely used, it can only be used in occasions where mass production or other printing methods cannot be realized. It is precisely because of this that it has played an important role in anti-counterfeiting packaging. Laser coding and sealing technology is a better container anti-counterfeiting technology. After the commodity is filled, sealed and covered by the laser anti-counterfeiting label, laser printing is carried out at the joint between the cover and the container, so that the upper half of the glyph is printed on the cover and the lower half is printed on the container. Second, the advantages of different types of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting labels :(1) Laser hot stamping anti-counterfeiting label: it is a kind of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label that cannot be removed from the root. It can be firmly and perfectly pasted on the package and forms a whole with the package. If the bonding orientation can be reasonably selected, its anti-counterfeiting effect will be better than the two types of labels. Because it is encrypted, to a large extent, it can strengthen its anti-counterfeiting effect. (2) Laser anti-uncovering anti-counterfeiting label: its development just offsets the defects of self-adhesive holographic anti-counterfeiting label, can be used at one time, and can be used from the packaging, the image has long been new, can't use it again. Many companies have long developed such labels and have a promising anti-counterfeiting label in the packaging category. (3) Encrypted laser anti-counterfeiting label: includes image ambiguity processing method, moire fringe method, cipher method, etc. The application of this kind of encryption method has greatly improved the technical content of laser anti-counterfeiting labels. Among them, there are also some encryption methods that are highly unrecognizable and play an anti-counterfeiting role. It can not only help consumers avoid buying fake goods, but also help the company to better eradicate the occurrence of fake goods, so that consumers can buy from formal channels. III. Application scope of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label: Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology is a modern laser application technology achievement that has received extensive attention at home and abroad in recent years, it is loved and loved by consumers for its popular holographic imaging principle and colorful light effect. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are generally the general application of a number of laser holographic technologies, such as holographic dot matrix, multi-channel technology, invisible encryption, etc. The refractive effect of the label surface is good, and the anti-counterfeiting function is relatively high. Laser labels are widely used in many work. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels can be widely used in the light industry, medicine, cosmetics, food, electronics industry Securities, famous trademarks, confidential card and luxury crafts, etc, it has common advantages and charm. The article comes from Suzhou impression reprint please indicate the source responsible editor:
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