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Original title: two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label technology, how to eliminate fake and inferior goods?

by:LG Printing     2020-03-01
At present, there are many kinds of anti-counterfeiting labels used in the cosmetics market, of which laser anti-counterfeiting labels and printed anti-counterfeiting labels are mostly. I forged the industry. More and more merchants are using QR code anti-counterfeit labels to escort their branded products. Consumers scan QR codes on cosmetic packages to see if the products are real. When consumers find fake and shoddy products, they will give timely feedback to the merchants, and according to the needs of the enterprises, the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label can also realize anti-channel management, product inventory management, sales management, logistics management and Oh. (Color QR code anti-counterfeiting label) 315 anti-counterfeiting center is a professional supplier of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting clothing, providing one-stop service of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting technology development, two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label production and two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting q. Yuri. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label technology, how to eliminate fake and shoddy goods 315 anti-counterfeiting two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting system can generate encrypted two-dimensional code product information, correspond to products one by one, print or make two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels and labels on product packaging, users only need to decode and verify. Through the designated two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting system or mobile phone micro-text message, you can know a series of real products. It is worth mentioning that each two-dimensional anti-counterfeiting label is different. Just as everyone has a unique ID number, consumers can verify the authenticity of the product by scanning the anti-counterfeiting two-dimensional code on the product after purchase. If this is the first query, the system will prompt in the form of text or voice: the product you query is the genuine product produced by XX Company, please feel free to use it. The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting system will also automatically record information such as query time, query method and query area. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label, several methods to query product authenticity. (1) Wechat scan code: users can scrape the silver sheet, directly open Wechat scan, and then scan the code to check the authenticity of the product; With the rapid development of mobile Internet, people have provided convenience in all aspects of life, and they can buy products that satisfy them at home. But everything has its advantages and disadvantages. With the development of the Internet, we cannot go out and buy what we want. However, the number of fake and shoddy products for online shopping is too large, and it is difficult for consumers to identify the authenticity of the products. In addition to online products, there are also fake and shoddy products in offline products of informal channels. How to resist the use of fake and inferior products two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is an effective way to resist fake and inferior products. Let's look at the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label used for anti-counterfeiting cosmetics. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label customization process-Design-Final draft- Production, design: the primary task of making anti-counterfeiting labels is design. The anti-counterfeiting company will customize the style of anti-counterfeiting labels according to business requirements. In label design, there are several main considerations, such as what material to use, what style to design, what anti-counterfeiting technology to use, and what content to fill the label surface. Finalization: pre-design can be done in many ways, but the final draft produces one of them. It requires the designer to consider the final model according to the aesthetic feeling and actual situation. After completing the manuscript, the manufacturer will place an order for production, which requires a series of processes, such as production, printing, quality inspection, acceptance, delivery, etc. In fact, the most important process is after-sales inquiry. The anti-counterfeiting company itself is the most inquiry service. After the production of anti-counterfeiting labels is completed, only half of the work has been completed. Anti-counterfeiting companies should have good after-sales service to ensure that consumers can inquire in the future. The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is easy to operate. Consumers only need to scan the two-dimensional code on the product to get the true and false information of the product. At the same time, it can track the quality of products, let consumers know the past and present life of products, and help enterprises to complete the management of agency, channel logistics, inventory, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channel, greatly save manpower and material resources. Abundant resources to help enterprises save costs. Please indicate: responsible editor:
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