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Original title: roll type anti-counterfeiting label

by:LG Printing     2020-03-16
Speaking of anti-counterfeiting, we are most familiar with the most intimate version of the local gold version of 'Mao grandpa', I believe that people who have carefully observed should be the most experienced, integrating a variety of anti-counterfeiting. The use of anti-counterfeiting by brand owners shows the guarantee of their own product quality and the attitude of being responsible to consumers. Anti-counterfeiting labels are the medium for product traceability, through which manufacturers can be found, through it, you can find the movement track of this product from the production workshop to the dealer and to the consumer. The quality of the product can be guaranteed. Anti-counterfeiting label is a digital anti-counterfeiting label developed according to Internet technology. It is like a person's ID card. It can be traced back. It is the most reliable Internet of Things technology product used by manufacturers. Choose the anti-counterfeiting label suitable for your own products. First of all, look at the industry: the industry is different. The choice of anti-counterfeiting label is different. If it is a fast-moving consumer product, the output is relatively large, and the packaging is single. You can choose a roll-type digital anti-counterfeiting label. This anti-counterfeiting label needs to be labeled on the production line. The drum-type digital anti-counterfeiting label has strict requirements on the size of the unit package of the product, and requires strict calculation to customize the specification of the anti-counterfeiting label. Roll-type anti-counterfeiting labels are suitable for products with high annual output and are often suitable for bottled and boxed small-volume products. The drum type anti-counterfeiting label is characterized by the size and shape of the package, which is not bound. Assuming that the boxed products can also use a set of labels, that is, a large anti-counterfeiting label is attached to the box, and a corresponding small anti-counterfeiting label is attached to the box. When shipping, you only need to scan the large label outside the box, and the small label information system inside will automatically match. Responsible editor:
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