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Original title: recommendation of five common anti-counterfeiting label Technologies

by:LG Printing     2020-02-26
Now the people's economic level and purchasing power have increased. Everyone is buying more and more items. This has also caused more and more people to buy counterfeit goods, which has also greatly damaged the interests of everyone and the company's products. In the face of more and more fakes in the market, many product companies have begun to use more and more anti-counterfeiting technologies to deal with them. Do you know which labels are useful? Next, Zhaoxin Xiaobian will explain five common anti-counterfeiting label technology recommendations for everyone. Laser anti-counterfeiting label: This technology has another name: holographic anti-counterfeiting label. It is an anti-counterfeiting trademark that ends with laser colorful hologram plate making skills and molded copy skills, the finishing plate-making skills include: dot matrix dynamic light, disposable special laser film, 3D optical miniature set, colorful optical random dry, Chinese and English uranium shrink text, etc. This technique can usually be distinguished by the naked eye, or by the microscopic device to observe the internal engraving features, and then distinguish between authenticity. Temperature change anti-counterfeiting label: temperature change anti-counterfeiting is made by means of temperature change ink, which can change its color sensitively with the change of ambient temperature, so that the colored object has dynamic color effect. At normal temperature, a specific color or colorless color appears, and the color is changed according to the high and low temperature of the temperature. Invisible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting label: this skill uses two layers of invisible anti-counterfeiting ink to print fixed characters, images, numbers or mobile numbers in anti-counterfeiting trademarks. This skill has extremely high hiding ability, neither the naked eye nor the hand touch can find the hiding skill address. When distinguishing its authenticity, it is necessary to use a special viewing instrument. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label: the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting trademark is a commodity information two-dimensional code generated by the encryption of the two-dimensional code Anti-Counterfeiting Trademark system, which can be printed or labeled on the commodity package, after the acquisition, the consumer can decode through the official website or the designated mobile phone software to verify the authenticity of the product and obtain detailed information. The inquiry channel is standard, professional, reliable and authoritative. End the efficiency of commodity information anti-counterfeiting. Safety line anti-counterfeiting label: safety line Anti-Counterfeiting paper is also called cable and sunroof safety line, which refers to placing a Gold Line or plastic line in the center of the paper during the papermaking process. The sunroof safety line is a special anti-counterfeiting paper made by special paper mills using special paper making equipment and skills. It is exclusive in skills and easy to identify. It can customize designated words or images on the safety line, images and text can be made hollow or non-hollow. It can also be combined with other anti-counterfeiting skills to make labels, certificates, tickets, etc. It has strong anti-counterfeiting reliability, convenient application, convenient viewing and elegant appearance. The above content is the recommendation of five common anti-counterfeiting label technologies explained by Zhaoxin Xiaobian today. According to the proportion of regional scanning codes, the application value of anti-counterfeiting labels is also getting higher and higher, it is also an effective product company that blocks the occurrence of counterfeiting by criminals. Responsible editor:
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