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Original title: product anti-counterfeiting labels are no longer single, more beautiful and anti-counterfeiting labels are here!

by:LG Printing     2020-02-25
Using variable information for anti-counterfeiting identification and product tracing is the most concerned technical field in the information age, for example, traceable anti-counterfeiting group flowers, ultra-Micro ion encryption technology, variable metal codes, logical beautification of two-dimensional codes, etc. have all been recognized by the market and are widely used in anti-counterfeiting traceability of cosmetics, wine, tickets, agricultural products, etc, it has become a powerful tool for product marketing and brand protection for many customers. Typical applications include: snow carving pet bath series, Pusheng Dazheng pharmaceutical industry, 'stars singing in southern Jiangxi' concert, Tianzi cellar wine industry, etc. Logical beautification of two-dimensional codes is still on the premise of not changing and reducing the use effect of anti-counterfeiting labels, helping some well-known brands to successfully simplify the printing process of anti-counterfeiting labels and reduce the processing cost. As a classic banknote-level anti-counterfeiting technology, it has always been an indispensable public anti-counterfeiting method in the field of banknotes and securities. However, due to its complex structure, the generation process requires manual drawing by professional designers or drawing by special anti-counterfeiting software, so it has always been printed on the substrate with a fixed face. With the birth of information technology and digital printing technology, the anti-counterfeiting capabilities and application scenarios of anti-counterfeiting group flowers and plate patterns have also been newly expanded and upgraded, with new vitality, that is, traceable anti-counterfeiting group Flower Technology. The traceable anti-counterfeiting group Flower technology relies on a series of innovative means and unique methods, combined with digital printing technology, so that the anti-counterfeiting group Flower and the plate pattern can be randomly changed, and can be queried and traced through the inquiry platform, in order to distinguish the authenticity of goods or tickets, etc. , the problem that the anti-counterfeiting technology of group flowers and plate patterns cannot be changed randomly in large quantities and traced back has been solved. Under the condition of retaining the original anti-counterfeiting function, the application of anti-counterfeiting group flowers and plate patterns is expanded to the field of variable data, the anti-counterfeiting effect is good, and it is convenient for consumers to identify, it is suitable for making anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting certificates, certificates and other products with high safety requirements and requiring public identification. Ultra-Micro ion encryption ultra-Micro ion encryption technology consists of six anti-counterfeiting technologies, including information code anti-counterfeiting design, micro-invisible plate making, special ink printing, graphic digital conversion, automatic information inquiry, and multimedia information output, the six technologies are interdependent and indispensable, forming a high-tech anti-counterfeiting system for information inquiry and automatic identification, which makes it impossible for counterfeiters to crack the mysteries and copy relevant information, only by using the voice reading pen matched with the system can the encrypted information be correctly interpreted, thus achieving the anti-counterfeiting purpose. The voice reading pen is a special decoder that passes through a far infrared optical camera (OCR technology) The encrypted information is extracted, decrypted by the decoding chip, and then the proprietary information is displayed on the reading device by voice or video. The technology can generate special codes for commodities, write the chips through encryption programming technology, and apply the codes to the terminal packaging of products through special printing methods, thus realizing the anti-counterfeiting and Fidelity function of products. Ultra-Micro ion encryption anti-counterfeiting system is an invisible code identification system, which cannot be copied and can prevent damage and alteration. It is a powerful second-line anti-counterfeiting method. Its core technology 'information graphic coding' is the first at home and abroad, it is one of the most advanced comprehensive anti-counterfeiting label technologies in the world. Variable metal code variable metal code uses a variety of special materials and processes, combined with digital anti-counterfeiting and computer programming technology, and finally presents a changing metal number on the anti-counterfeiting label, it can produce fine graphics, password characters, two-dimensional codes, bar codes, etc. , and has a variety of metal colors such as gold, silver, red gold, blue, green, purple, laser series, etc, the appearance is gorgeous, the high-end is classy, and the appearance features are easy for public identification. This technology breaks through the traditional printing concept, and the changed metal number cannot be produced by ordinary printing equipment, thus eliminating counterfeiting. Compared with similar foreign technologies, it has overwhelming advantages in manufacturing cost and fineness. Large customers can be customized to make anti-counterfeiting labels unique and novel, with more accurate and powerful anti-counterfeiting functions and more beautiful appearance! Logic beautifies the two-dimensional code. The conventional two-dimensional code looks like a mosaic piled up one by one, lacking aesthetic feeling. In order to improve the technical difficulty and appearance of the two-dimensional code, the logical beautification two-dimensional code was born. It skillfully combines beautification with logical deformation and discoloration, giving full play to the advantages of digital printing equipment, the password data is logically converted by special software, bound to generate batch logic to beautify two-dimensional codes, and then printed on a digital printing machine. The printing cost is within the inherent cost range of conventional digital printing, however, the two-dimensional code can be more beautifully presented on the label, playing a certain decorative role. Logical beautification two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label contains not only digital information of anti-counterfeiting code, but also color information of each anti-counterfeiting code and characteristic information of materials, thus realizing triple anti-counterfeiting. Its anti-counterfeiting code and anti-counterfeiting color are unique, which can play a role in product traceability, thus protecting the brand. It is also very simple and intuitive for consumers to identify the authenticity. After scanning the code and entering the system for inquiry, The Voice will automatically prompt the anti-counterfeiting code and color information of the product. Logical beautification QR code has strong applicability, and is suitable for various application fields such as medicine, cosmetics, health care products, food, auto parts and so on that need to quickly enter information with the help of QR code, especially products with visual aesthetic requirements. The encryption logic of its logical deformation and color change is developed by us alone. It has many changes, strong uniqueness and is difficult to crack. It adds a unique anti-counterfeiting logic function to the ordinary two-dimensional code, it also adds a beautiful personality and is easier to attract consumers' attention, so it is praised by a large number of customers as the most wanted anti-counterfeiting QR code. A small anti-counterfeiting traceability label is often an important manifestation of the company's image and brand value. It also plays an important role in reflecting product quality and arousing consumers' desire to buy, choosing the right technology and optimizing the combination for it requires comprehensive consideration. It is also necessary to pay attention to the birth and development direction of new technologies at any time and keep pace with the times. This article comes from Suzhou impression laser. Please indicate the source and responsible editor for reprinting:
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