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Original title: How to query anti-counterfeit labels?

by:LG Printing     2020-03-11
Many consumers will have doubts, and many products are labeled with anti-counterfeiting labels. But consumers don't know how to query and verify? This article introduces the method of anti-counterfeiting label query. First of all, we need to understand the principle of anti-counterfeiting labels. The principle of anti-counterfeiting system is similar to the ID number of people. Credit Suisse anti-counterfeiting is called one thing and one code. The consumer enters this unique code in the system and verifies that the code does not exist in the system. For example, our ID card number, I am from suzhou, so normally my ID card number can only be found in Jiangsu's ID card inquiry system, but not in other provinces. Therefore, consumers need to verify the anti-counterfeiting query method provided by the anti-counterfeiting label. Normally, the following four query methods are common in the market. First, short message query, consumers edit the security code, and receive a reply short message after sending it to the designated number, so as to identify the authenticity. Two: telephone inquiry, consumers dial the anti-counterfeiting inquiry phone on the anti-counterfeiting label, according to the voice prompt, enter the anti-counterfeiting code, you can identify the authenticity. Three: Network query, the consumer logs in to the website address provided on the anti-counterfeiting label, and enters the anti-counterfeiting code in the webpage dialog box to identify the authenticity. Four: WeChat inquiry, consumers scan the two-dimensional code on the anti-counterfeiting label, and enter the anti-counterfeiting code in the menu anti-counterfeiting inquiry dialog box to distinguish between true and false. Five: other precautions 1: regular anti-counterfeiting labels should be clean and printed clearly. 2: After the consumer finds the anti-counterfeiting label on the product, it is necessary to observe carefully to see if the anti-counterfeiting label is damaged. If the anti-counterfeiting label is damaged and there are traces of being used or transferred, please contact the merchant to replace the product. 3: If the anti-counterfeiting label is made of special anti-counterfeiting materials or technologies, please check the product manual to learn how to query the specific description of authenticity. The anti-counterfeit label verification system requires professional technical support. The production of anti-counterfeit labels also requires professional machine printing. The production of anti-counterfeit labels by merchants requires the cooperation of formal anti-counterfeit companies, which can ensure the stability of the query. In addition, Credit Suisse believes that merchants should comprehensively consider their own needs and customize anti-counterfeiting technologies that meet their own needs. Responsible editor:
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