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Original title: How much do you know about the anti-counterfeiting technology on the label?

by:LG Printing     2020-02-05
In the eyes of mass consumers, labels are only a tool that can identify products and analyze their main components, while in the eyes of brand owners, labels can be said to be crucial to products, it is far greater than what consumers see. Among the many functions of labels, anti-counterfeiting is an important function that cannot be ignored. Ink with high awareness is anti-counterfeiting. Anti-counterfeiting ink is an important part of the label anti-counterfeiting technology system. Anti-counterfeiting ink refers to ink with anti-counterfeiting function, which is also composed of pigment, Binder and ink additive, however, it is a special printing ink, which is made by adding anti-counterfeiting materials with special properties and processing them through special processes. The mainstream anti-counterfeiting inks on the market generally include ultraviolet fluorescent ink, sunlight color-changing ink, heat-sensitive ink, chemical reaction color-changing ink, water-sensitive anti-counterfeiting ink, etc. For products printed with ultraviolet fluorescent ink, under the irradiation of special anti-counterfeiting fluorescent lamps, the marks printed with anti-counterfeiting fluorescent ink will shine, showing bright red, orange, yellow-green or green fluorescence, its high fluorescence intensity, good printing adaptability, and the light disappears quickly. After the purple light is turned off, the light disappears immediately. Sunlight color-changing ink will have a code under the irradiation of sunlight. The heat-sensitive ink changes color after heating, and the graphics are restored after cooling (As shown in Figure 1), Belonging to reversible color-changing ink. The advantage of anti-counterfeiting ink is that under normal observation conditions, the label is in a normal state. When anti-counterfeiting identification is required, the authenticity can be simply and quickly identified by specific means. However, anti-counterfeiting ink also has fatal disadvantages, because a large part of the reason why special ink has anti-counterfeiting function is that special ink belongs to the scope of national control and has a high purchase threshold, that is to say, there are fewer manufacturers with special inks on the market, so they will achieve certain anti-counterfeiting effects. However, at present, anti-counterfeiting ink has been widely used in anti-counterfeiting of various labels and packages. The purchase threshold has become lower, even without substantial control, and its anti-counterfeiting value is gradually decreasing. Optical anti-counterfeiting technology, when talking about optical anti-counterfeiting labels, cannot but involve holography (Or laser)Anti-counterfeiting label, currently on the market a variety of holographic (Or laser) Labels are mixed up, but not all laser labels can be called optical anti-counterfeiting labels, and not all laser labels can be anti-counterfeiting. Apart from the pure decorative plain laser label, let's talk about the optical anti-counterfeiting label with higher anti-counterfeiting level. The anti-counterfeiting strength of hot stamping labels is much higher than that of ordinary self-adhesive labels, such as Yunnan Baiyao (As shown in Figure 2) The anti-counterfeiting label on its packaging is a hot stamping label. The label has good reflection under the side light, the color is beautiful, the color of the treasure flower is clear, the color is evenly distributed in the circle, and the pinyin letters outside the circle are clear, and the stroke thickness is consistent, it is a delicate hot stamping label. High resolution, three-dimensional true color, reflection angle discoloration, animated text icons, small house texture, pixel conversion, high-definition homolog, pixel characters, etc. , all belong to high-level optical anti-counterfeiting technology. In addition to optical technology itself, optical anti-counterfeiting labels also have many special requirements on materials, such as high temperature resistance. When a general hot stamping label passes through a laser printer, the optical pattern on it will disappear, because ordinary optical hot stamping labels cannot withstand the high temperature of 180 ℃ at all, however, Suzhou impression Laser Technology Co. , Ltd. can already produce such labels. In addition to hot stamping labels, optical anti-counterfeiting labels also include self-adhesive labels, transfer paper labels, disposable uncovering character labels, fragile paper labels, etc. , and the superposition of various technologies and processes, the anti-counterfeiting strength of the label can be further improved. It can be said that optical anti-counterfeiting technology is the most important member of the label anti-counterfeiting family. Although there are many applications, only the continuously upgraded technology can surpass the mixed market. No technology can remain unchanged. Only through continuous exploration and research, in order to make the label really play the role of anti-counterfeiting. Fig. 1 heat-sensitive ink changes color when heated, red turns black Fig. 2 Yunnan Baiyao hot stamping label, printing technology anti-counterfeiting, the printing technology mentioned here refers to the whole process of visual information printing and copying, including pre-press, printing, post-press processing and transportation. A high-precision large-scale printing equipment is often expensive. Through high-level operation of workers, the printed labels are also colorful and evenly lined, and there will be no low-level errors such as Ghost and disconnection, however, counterfeiters generally do not have the above equipment and technical conditions, so the authenticity can be simply distinguished from the appearance of the label. Fig. 3 optical anti-counterfeiting backing paper combined with various anti-counterfeiting technologies anti-counterfeiting Anti-Counterfeiting paper refers to marked or hidden hidden notes on the surface or inside (Such as patterns, patterns, watermarks, numbers, etc) A general term for special paper that is not easy to copy, fake or change. Anti-Counterfeiting paper is generally divided into fiber paper, anti-counterfeiting holographic paper, watermark paper, Anti-Counterfeiting paper containing safety lines, etc. Suzhou impression Laser Technology Co. , Ltd. has also developed a unique approach to develop optical anti-counterfeiting backing paper (As shown in Figure 3) , Which combines fiber thread, safety thread, optical technology, etc. , plus printable effect, both anti-counterfeiting and aesthetic practicality. Super-line anti-counterfeiting may not be very strange to everyone, but it is rarely used on labels. Although some labels on the market currently use printed super-lines, however, its effect is often not ideal, because ordinary printing superlines are easy to be copied, which cannot achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect and can only achieve limited decorative effect. At present, a complex and fine Super-line anti-counterfeiting label is gradually popular in the market. This super-line is obtained by precise calculation with professional equipment and software, filling such superlines on the trademarks or patterns of labels, coupled with exquisite printing technology, has deterred many counterfeiters. Source: Print Network editor:
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