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Original title: application of anti-counterfeiting labels in pharmaceutical industry

by:LG Printing     2020-01-20
The application of anti-counterfeiting labels in the pharmaceutical industry is to help consumers distinguish the authenticity of drugs. The quality and safety of drugs and health products directly affect our health and life safety, for the safety and anti-counterfeiting of medicines and health products, enterprises should be an unshirkable responsibility and obligation. Due to the lack of supervision and management of the circulation of goods in the market, only the correct products that are circulated to the market are likely to be counterfeit and shoddy. How can we ensure that our products are not stolen during the market circulation? Nowadays, the effective way is to affix anti-counterfeiting marks on the packaging of drugs and health products. What is the beauty of anti-counterfeiting labels? Why should pharmaceutical manufacturers make anti-counterfeiting labels for pharmaceutical products? 1. Ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products. Drugs generally consist of four stages: development, production, supply and sales. Nowadays, if drugs are not labeled with anti-counterfeiting labels before leaving the factory, consumers will easily think of them as fake and shoddy products. Therefore, posting medical anti-counterfeiting labels is an important link to ensure the quality of products. 2. Establish a brand image. The use of medical anti-counterfeiting labels can not only clearly see the production process of products, but also is a way for pharmaceutical manufacturers to guarantee and stabilize their own product brands. At the same time, it can also prevent counterfeiters from copying their own products and reduce the generation of fake and inferior products. 3. The use of medical anti-counterfeiting labels is a tool for medical enterprises to distinguish from other medical products, so that drug buyers can conveniently and quickly verify and query the authenticity of drugs. On the one hand, they can directly observe and identify drugs with naked eyes, on the other hand, you can also query and verify through a third-party platform. Anti-counterfeiting labels can also effectively prevent counterfeiters from falsifying drugs, thus improving the safety of medicines and the influence of enterprises. Responsible editor:
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