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Original title: anti-counterfeiting series-- How to prevent illegal copying of anti-counterfeiting label data?

by:LG Printing     2020-01-15
The data carried by anti-counterfeiting labels and traceability labels is one of the core values of anti-counterfeiting traceability. Anti-Counterfeiting data is generated according to the principle of cryptography, using certain rules, then printing anti-counterfeiting labels, and then entering the market circulation link as commodities enter. How to prevent the leakage of anti-counterfeiting data and illegal copying of anti-counterfeiting labels? Relevant anti-counterfeiting professional and technical personnel said: this is almost a problem that has always existed with the development of anti-counterfeiting. The data leakage prevention of anti-counterfeiting labels and traceability labels cannot be separated from the protection of information security technology and information security management. In this regard, a good anti-counterfeiting company will have a full-time technical position responsible for related business. If we can establish strategic cooperative relations with relevant colleges and social research institutions of universities, then the work of preventing the leakage of anti-counterfeiting labels and traceability label data may be better done. The mechanism ensures the security of customer anti-counterfeiting label data as much as possible. The illegal copying of anti-counterfeiting labels and traceability labels is both a legal issue and a management issue. Anti-counterfeiting label data and traceability label data are related to the brand, quality, trademark and reputation of commodities and the protection of consumers' rights and interests. The state has done a lot of legislative work. However, there are offenders who are confused by the law and try the law. What's more, some anti-counterfeiting companies collude with counterfeiters to do illegal things for the benefit. Therefore, the following suggestions are made to companies with anti-counterfeiting traceability requirements: First, select the right company. Anti-counterfeiting is an IT industry. If you only choose one printing factory, your anti-counterfeiting data security needs to be carefully evaluated by yourself. Second, when choosing a company, it is best to choose a high-tech enterprise. This, your anti-counterfeiting service will be more secure. In the anti-counterfeiting industry, more than half of the enterprises do not have special technical support, and all rely on data outsourcing, which is a potential safety hazard. Third, increase the embodiment of composite anti-counterfeiting technology without increasing the printing cost. Fourth, anti-counterfeiting data management implements the principle of minimum authority and early warning mechanism. The security of anti-counterfeiting label data is the lifeline of the company. If you use it well, it will work half times. If you don't use it well, you will have to endorse the fake. Original articles are forbidden to be reprinted and returned to Sohu, view more, responsible editor:
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