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Open an encyclopedia of anti-counterfeit labels

by:LG Printing     2021-02-28

anti-counterfeiting labels have unconsciously into everyone's life. With the development of electronic commerce and the spread of fake and inferior commodities, people pay more and more attention to anti-counterfeiting labels. Many domestic brands, no corresponding application of anti-counterfeiting technology products, this is a defect in the brand development. Anti-counterfeit label production is imminent.

but do you know how many kinds of anti-counterfeit labels? What is the purpose and scope of them? Today, we bring you a book full of anti-counterfeit labels encyclopedia, hope to to those who are not familiar with this knowledge a supplement.
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1。 Prevent jie sealing

overhand seal is a base material for plastic film adhesive anti-fake seal. Before the opening, it is a color, font, adhesive plastic article. After that you can see clearly in the paper, colored handwriting, accordingly, you can see clear colorless handwriting on the plastic article. It has revealed the characteristics of authenticity, do not use again. Mainly used for anti-counterfeiting envelope. Electrical warranty label and other fields.
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2。 Easy shredding tag

it is made of special easy shredding or fragile adhesive materials, which can print trademarks, text and bar code. Can't completely lift after stick on the packaging. Paper up is broken.
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3。 Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting, peeling, creasing paper tag

made of a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology since the sticker label, can strengthen the anti-counterfeiting function. To prevent label hoisted, replacement and repeated use, can use die cutting indentation technology, prevent label by local lift, lift cannot recover after.
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4。 Barcode label

bar code is a kind of commodity code, is designed to realize effective management of computer products. At present, there are many different kinds of bar code, including the one dimensional and two dimensional barcode. Bar code technology in the application of anti-counterfeiting goods packaging and labeling, not only can promote the better and faster application, and can achieve purpose not fake commodities, protect the interests of the consumer.
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5。 Laser holographic technology in the application of anti-counterfeiting packaging mainly anti-counterfeit labels and logo printing. The main factors influencing the laser hologram label anti-counterfeiting performance is the label type and location. Laser holographic anti-counterfeit labels are as follows.

adhesive type: holographic anti-counterfeiting graphic is made on the adhesive material, don't need any adhesives, coating of mechanical adaptability. Main drawback is that can be repeated use, make some use of counterfeiting old packaging, labels, thus affecting the anti-counterfeit label anti-counterfeiting effect. < br />

the jie: prevent jie type labels made up for the inadequacy of ordinary adhesive labels. When the label from the packaging, label hologram is completely different, completely can't use, can prevent to use the old label. < br />

hot stamping type: hot stamping type is a kind of holographic anti-counterfeiting labels, couldn't get rid of. Using hot stamping machine to holographic anti-counterfeiting label printing on the packaging materials, and combine with packing material. If you can choose the hot stamping location, its anti-counterfeiting effect will be better than the above two types.
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6。 Font anti-counterfeiting polyester film tag

this kind of label is aluminum foil tape, no text before assembly. Up, you can see label paper and packaging materials on the obvious color handwriting.
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7。 Bubble film label

foam plastic film label is a unique half gloss white film, made from two layers of polystyrene film. For the transparent membrane surface, suitable for printing; The expansion of the bottom is white bubble film. Purpose: acrylic adhesive, on many base material has excellent properties of high viscosity. Bubble film label has good anti-counterfeiting effect. When the label on the base material, two layers of thin film separation, namely tag tear, explain product packaging has been removed, foam layer residue will stay on the packaging, it is difficult to remove. < br />

bubble film label with a thin film of moisture resistance, apply to damp environment. Particularly in the beverage, dairy products and other products in the production and packaging, has special practical value. Suitable for glass bottle, polystyrene, paint carton label. < br />

anti-counterfeiting labels belong to the anti-counterfeit labels. Use, directly to the label on the product. In the process of identification, the label will be solved soon, designed in advance as invisible images, text, and will stay on the packaging; Get rid of the label is invisible images, text, and the negative, Yin and Yang are relative, the same size, number, without using any instrument or device for identification. It has an exposure, the characteristics of a loss, a sense of authenticity, can not be reused.

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