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One thing one code anti-counterfeiting traceability system lets you say goodbye to fakes

by:LG Printing     2021-03-27
The traditional label' target='_blank'>anti-counterfeiting label was originally an important means to combat and prevent counterfeit goods, but now it has become counterfeit and counterfeit; the hardest hit area. Then it can provide food protection and let the food be owned; what is the traceability system of the ID card? In fact, it is often said at present; one thing one code technology, through the electronic system to record the entire production process of the product, to achieve the positive tracking of the product from the raw material to the sales and the reverse traceability from the sales to the raw material, the data is oriented to the government, enterprises, and consumers In other words, information is synchronized, instantaneous, and transparent.

  Through the traceability system, consumers can not only understand the product situation in detail and make rational consumption choices, but if there is a product problem, dealers and enterprises can quickly identify the problem product information through the traceability platform and find out the cause of the accident in time. Protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, while helping companies sort out the order of handling emergencies. On the other hand, the traceability management platform can supervise the implementation of corporate production responsibilities, provide strong support for the regulatory authorities to strengthen supervision and prevent risks, and improve the shortcomings of traditional supervision methods that are insufficient in timeliness.

  One thing one code QR code anti-counterfeiting traceability system can solve these problems

  1. Respond to traceability policy rules

   The General Office publicly announced that it has accelerated the promotion of edible agricultural products, food, medicines, agricultural consumption materials, special equipment, risk products, rare earth products, etc. as an opinion that focuses on the establishment of a product traceability system. It is imperative to establish traceability, but the company itself lacks Establish technical storage of traceability system.

  2. Enhance consumer trust and increase purchase rate

   At present, domestic product problems frequently occur. Consumers are worried about products that are related to their own safety, health and warfare. They are unable to distinguish and distinguish qualified products, resulting in a decline in corporate product sales.

  3. Channel agents are complicated, and there is no way to investigate the problem of fleeing goods.

   Manufacturers cannot ensure the rights and interests of regional distributors, and the merchandise of the fleeing goods does not know where they come from and cannot be controlled. The local distributors of the fleeing goods suffer dumb losses.

  4. Problematic products, high recall cost and slow efficiency

  The batch, quantity, sales channel and other information of the problematic product cannot be obtained, so it can be effectively recovered.

The emergence of    food traceability system has undoubtedly made consumers and businesses have greater confidence in the food system. One thing, one proof, randomly generated, and non-replicated, effectively promoted the healthy development of the food industry and safeguarded the rights and interests of all parties.

   is different from ordinary two-dimensional codes that have the same result no matter who scans the code; the two-dimensional code in one item and one code is a variable code, and a product only corresponds to one two-dimensional code, which contains independent product information . Variable code generation and production are relatively complicated, and the coding process is also very complicated. A variable QR code is assigned to each product through the coding equipment. This code will be carried out from the production line to the storage to the warehouse. Scan code tracking, and the data and content of each code is different. Once scanned once, it cannot be copied. The data scanned twice will be displayed and consumers can know that the code has been consumed.

  ; In addition to preventing counterfeit and inferior products and protecting the brand, one thing, one code, has already played a role before the product leaves the factory. From the primary packaging of a single product, to secondary packaging such as boxes and boxes, to outer boxes such as pallets, if there is no such superimposed packaging hierarchy, the traceability system will lack the foundation for the one-item one-code technology.
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