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One label for one bottle cap, to help promotion

by:LG Printing     2021-03-12

  Whether it can successfully seize the O2O entrance in the mobile Internet era, one of the key points is whether the company itself has a relatively mature QR code label business model. Returning to a traditional fast-moving consumer company, in 2015 Evergrande Bingquan’s scan of the QR code traced the origin of the water source, and scanned the code to get a Tmall red envelope. This is a good example of successfully connecting online and offline through the QR code. So, traditional fast-moving companies that dominate the online and offline battlefields, in the QR code revolution of the mobile Internet, what can be obtained through the one-item one-code QR code label? What can be achieved?

  1. Digitization of products. Whether it is all forms of electronic vouchers or media or commodity information, they are actually the concept of information dissemination. Consumers can use their mobile phones to scan the QR code label for one object and one code, and then they can enter the corresponding address to obtain complete product data and realize the widespread dissemination of brand information.

  2, QR code interactive entrance. Consumers scan the QR code to follow the company's WeChat official account, receive coupons, complete voting registration, participate in research and other operational forms on their mobile phones, and return customer information to the company in real time. Through these real-time first-hand data, companies can maximize the effect of advertising and obtain valuable user interaction data.

  3. Promote moving pins. By embedding the preferential information of the product through the QR code label, the consumer is directly taken to the e-commerce platform of a certain product to generate a transaction. Consumers not only save shopping time, but also improve the brand's user experience. This model is particularly suitable for the launch of new products.

  4. Anti-counterfeiting query

   Consumer inquiries: Consumers can scan the QR code through the mobile phone QR code software to identify anti-counterfeiting.

   Manufacturers can know the number of inquiries through the system backend and the authenticity of the product can be known by scanning the QR code. There will be a market if there is demand. In the market where there are more and more counterfeit and inferior products, many companies will choose anti-counterfeit labels, anti-counterfeit packaging and other materials to protect the image of their products. The use of anti-counterfeit labels can also allow consumers to better distinguish Authenticity! The purpose of anti-counterfeiting labels is much more than that, such as sales, promotion, marketing, etc. Customize anti-counterfeiting labels to learn more about anti-counterfeiting. Welcome to call: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is at your service!

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