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Nowadays, with the advent of the mobile Internet era, many entrepreneurs feel that they lack common sense. If they do not learn, they will not be able to adapt to the development of the market. Have they not used?

by:LG Printing     2020-01-31
I. What are the customization processes of anti-counterfeiting labels? 1. Electronic anti-counterfeiting label is a special kind of printed matter. Enterprises need to use it to establish their own brand image and stabilize product sales. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that electronic anti-counterfeiting labels are specially customized for enterprises. Enterprises should explain their needs to electronic anti-counterfeiting companies, such as the size, scale, quantity, electronic anti-counterfeiting skills and printing technology of electronic anti-counterfeiting labels, which are also closely related to the price of electronic anti-counterfeiting labels. 2. When the Enterprise informs the electronic anti-counterfeiting company of these requirements, the electronic anti-counterfeiting company will first customize the anti-counterfeiting treatment plan for the enterprise. When the plan is approved, it will plan the electronic version of the manuscript according to the customer's requirements. After the plan is completed, report to the enterprise for confirmation. If the plan is required by the enterprise, the enterprise will know it at a glance. After the approval of both parties, the plan and other information will be determined, we can move on to the next step. 3. When the two sides decide to cooperate, the e-commerce anti-counterfeiting company will put forward relevant qualification requirements to the enterprise, register the case, and admit that the enterprise is not a counterfeiter, so the contract can be signed. 4. Due to the particularity of electronic anti-counterfeiting professional products, it is different from ordinary products. Enterprises will look at samples first and print them when they see confirmed samples. Because both parties have risks, therefore, anti-counterfeiting companies generally require enterprises to pay in advance before production. 5. After the production is completed, it will be handed over to the enterprise. After the Enterprise recognizes it, the payment will be handed over to the e-commerce anti-counterfeiting company, and the e-commerce anti-counterfeiting company will complete the manufacturing process of a set of anti-counterfeiting labels. Second, the Electronic Product anti-counterfeiting label inquiry process 1. After consumers buy products, they must first admit this kind of inquiry method of anti-counterfeiting labels, that is, free telephone and website inquiry, or through mobile phone scanning inquiry, mobile phone short message inquiry, different inquiry methods have different anti-counterfeiting labels for electrical appliances. 2. Then, assuming that there is a scratch layer on the anti-counterfeiting label of the electrical product, first scrape off the coating of the anti-counterfeiting label of the electrical product, obtain a set of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting codes, directly call the phone to inquire, and listen to the other party's prompt tone. Directly enter the website inquiry page, enter the electrical security code, the SMS inquiry is the same, send the anti-counterfeiting mark to the designated number. 3. After all, we will identify the authenticity of the product based on the information you query. Anti-counterfeiting label inquiry has three functions: first, the code is useful, please purchase it carefully; Second, the code is invalid, please check and try again; Third, pay attention to anti-counterfeiting when repeating queries. However, there are now many electronic anti-counterfeiting companies with incomplete qualifications and unqualified professional skills, regardless of the electronic anti-counterfeiting companies that enterprises carry out to make money. The manufacturing process of the above-mentioned anti-counterfeiting labels is only a process, and each company must be different. Such electronic anti-counterfeiting companies must be non-standard, and enterprises need to investigate and make prudent decisions.
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