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Nowadays, there are many fake and shoddy products in the market. Enterprises and consumers attach great importance to the authenticity of the products. For this reason, enterprises have attached anti-counterfeiting labels to the products because of the

by:LG Printing     2020-02-23
First, the advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels to products: 1. Cracking down on fake products: sometimes a good item has made a higher credibility, and some merchants who make huge profits have made fake items, but their quality is not as good as the real ones, this situation will definitely affect the credibility of consumers on the goods, so adding an anti-counterfeiting label to the product can also effectively prevent fake merchants from being difficult to copy in batches. 2. Strengthen consumers' desire to buy: Some buyers will think that a product does not have anti-counterfeiting marks, which makes it appear that the product is irregular and irregular, and it is difficult to evoke consumers' desire to buy. Making an anti-counterfeiting label for the product can not only promote the level of the product, but also strengthen the image of the brand. 3. System processing products: using anti-counterfeiting labels to add their own bar code numbers to each product is more conducive to the company's systematic and mass processing of the whole process of products from production to sale. 4. Enhance market competitiveness: any article without anti-counterfeiting mark must encounter obstruction when expanding the market. Products with anti-counterfeiting labels are the dominant market and can continue to adhere to competitiveness. Second, the advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels to enterprises: 1. Increase the cost and difficulty coefficient of counterfeit counterfeit goods, grab back the large market occupied by counterfeit goods, expand the total number of sales, and increase the profitability of enterprises. 2. Reduce the adverse effects of counterfeit goods on enterprises, maintain the brand image and reputation of enterprises, enhance customers' confidence in purchasing goods, and enhance customers' satisfaction with well-known brands. 3. Reduce the expenditure of fake and shoddy enterprises, and greatly reduce the sources of manpower, manpower and material resources. Counterfeit and shoddy is not the practice of an enterprise or a company. Every customer is an insider who participates in counterfeit and shoddy. It is a maintenance enterprise and its own rights and interests, in turn, it can get twice the result with half the effort. 4. To enhance the reputation of the enterprise, ju has the effect of creative advertising planning. 5. When applying anti-counterfeiting labels, commodity enterprises can upgrade the level of commodities, and when applying the commodities, they can give customers a Emerald natural environment for shopping, when customers buy, they can buy with peace of mind. 6. When anti-counterfeiting labels are applied, costs can be saved, the cost of each anti-counterfeiting label is relatively low, and many advantages can be produced for enterprises' commodities in recycling anti-counterfeiting labels, the anti-counterfeiting label is an appropriate selection. To sum up, the complaint is the introduction of the advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels, hoping to be helpful to everyone; If you still want to know more about anti-counterfeiting labels or need to make anti-counterfeiting labels, you are welcome to consult our Shanghai Shangyuan anti-counterfeiting company. We have been focusing on anti-counterfeiting for many years and have rich experience, it has served many enterprises and is a high-tech enterprise with many patented technologies.
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