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Nowadays, there are many brand counterfeits in the market, which also seriously damages the brand image of regular products. Now the products of the company also use anti-counterfeiting trademarks, anti-counterfeiting marks as a

by:LG Printing     2020-01-16
Improve Product Image: Products with anti-counterfeiting labels can help consumers settle down. Make products more hierarchical: Products with anti-counterfeiting labels are considered real. It has a positive impact on sales: the same products and consumers will choose products with anti-labels. Invisible advertising for products: customers will be prompted for XX's genuine products when inquiring. Spend money to make a major announcement: the cost of anti-counterfeiting marks is very low, and basically nothing can be added to a single product. Anti-counterfeiting logo value-added services: such as: Anti-escape Member points promotion. Excellent Management: when manufacturing fake and inferior products, you can participate in other functions, not just anti-counterfeiting. These are the advantages of the anti-counterfeiting signs introduced by today's small editors. Anti-Counterfeiting has 15 anti-counterfeiting logo production experience. According to the actual situation and needs of enterprises, various planning and design schemes are provided for enterprises to choose.
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