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Nowadays, everyone can't live without a mobile phone. When a new mobile phone is bought, many people will choose to film the phone, put on a protective case, etc

by:LG Printing     2020-02-07
First, the sticker step, first wipe the dust on the surface of the screen with the small cloth attached to the package ,( Cheap stickers are not necessarily sent, find something for yourself, recommend, glasses, cloth) When wiping, wipe from one side to the other, in order, do not wipe back and forth. Be careful to first remove some small pieces of cloth or wool from the cloth and then wipe it. If there is a sticker attached to the screen, it is better to pay attention to the glue of the sticker. The general screen sticker has three layers, and the film with the right size is selected to remove the bottom layer ,(What is really useful is the middle layer)Stick it carefully on the screen. ( Don't uncover it all at once, come a little bit, this is a fine job). At the same time of pasting, press and remove the air under the veneer while pressing the sticker. ( Pay attention to the process of pasting. Never touch the inside of the sticker or the screen with your hand). Carefully remove the air to avoid leaving bubbles and affecting the appearance. After pasting, the top layer of 'release film' can be torn off. Check if there is any place where you accidentally get dust, use a sticker to stick the corner of the sticker and pull it open (Never expose the sticker by hand)Use a sticker to stick the dust inside. After the protective film is attached, you can use it with confidence. Second, the sticker type mobile phone machine skin stickers: the whole machine skin stickers can not only play a role in beautifying the decoration, sweating in summer, can increase friction to prevent the phone from falling off, winter isolation of the cold shell, can play the role of warming hands. Leather texture is excellent, but very thin, really beautiful and invisible! Environmentally friendly material, high-grade coating, can be repeatedly pasted without leaving residual glue. Three-dimensional bamboo fiber, more three-dimensional texture. Protective film of the whole machine: the protective film of the whole mobile phone is the most basic business. Many people know that the protective film is attached to the screen after buying a new machine, but this kind of protection is only partial, the body of the mobile phone shell is the most easily worn and should be protected. At this time, the protective film of the whole machine is used! The role of this kind of protective film is to protect it. After a few months, the film is removed and the mobile phone is still brand new! No wear and stains! The main purpose of this product is to protect the casing, select more transparent films, and divide the materials into many grades according to the indexes of glue retention, tensile property, wear resistance, etc. Daqin transparent film has dozens of varieties, covering ordinary, mid-range and high-end products, which can be suitable for various mobile phone housings to meet the needs of different customer groups. The invisible mobile phone beauty technology adopts a brand-new technology, which has a brand-new improvement over the traditional coating technology. It does not need to be sealed. The mobile phone and the protective film are integrated, and the effect is excellent. It feels like there is no coating, and it is not easy to retract. The beauty effect of mobile phones is completely invisible, so it is called Invisible mobile phone beauty technology. In fact, in general, the appearance of mobile phone stickers is to better protect the appearance of mobile phones, so as not to cause more damage to mobile phones when they collide or fall, however, if you put on a mobile phone sticker or other protection products, you can have a good secondary protection. Xiao Bian suggested that you can still choose to stick this kind of mobile phone sticker when buying a mobile phone, because it will not affect the normal use of the mobile phone, but can also protect the appearance of the mobile phone. This is the end of Xiao Bian's explanation today. I hope I can provide some help to everyone.
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