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Nowadays, anti-counterfeiting labels on goods are commonplace. After scraping off the coating, log in to the designated website for inquiry, and the code is displayed as 'first inquiry ',

by:LG Printing     2020-02-17
Commodity pieces have anti-counterfeiting labels. In the previous e-commerce discount promotion activities, Beijing citizen Xiao Li bought a lot of things. After the big bag was sent, Xiao Li found an interesting phenomenon: many of them were labeled with 'scraping coating, losing numbers, checking authenticity. From a few hundred yuan of digital products to a few yuan a pack of kitchen quick-drying rags, they are all labeled with anti-counterfeiting labels. Xiao Li has seen a lot of such labels before. 'This kind of label is common in brand-name home appliances and digital products. It is a designated official website. In order to prevent people from using the security code on the label, some websites directly display the authenticity of the goods represented by the verification code, and some official websites display the number of times the code has been queried. If it is genuine, it must be the first query. 'But why are anti-counterfeiting labels on even very cheap goods? He has doubts about this verification method. Online anti-counterfeiting labels are a few cents. A reporter searched for 'anti-counterfeiting labels' on the e-commerce website and found that such items are currently divided into multiple varieties, including two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels and laser labels, there is also a label that Xiao Li said to enter the query code on the designated website after scraping the coating. The price of this kind of label, a number of merchants marked '10 thousand 180 yuan', the average is only 1. 8 cents. The reporter contacted several merchants. They all said that the coating of these labels is generally composed of more than ten digits and letters, the query code can query the authenticity of the website specified on the label. Some sellers admit that they do not know what kind of goods the person who bought the label will stick it on. 'That is the matter of others '. Through the sample pictures provided by the seller, the reporter found a number of anti-counterfeiting inquiry websites. The word '315' is common in the domain names of these websites, and the website logo with the word '315' is also contained in the web pages. Therefore, the reporter consulted the China Consumers Association and the Beijing Consumers Association to confirm whether these websites belong to the Consumers Association. However, the staff said that they have never done such anti-counterfeiting business, and this business does not belong to the Consumer Association function. Some staff said that '315' is not a special title for the consumer association, but a widely used name. There is no connection between the authenticity of the goods and the query results. People familiar with the matter disclosed that some anti-counterfeiting label making companies have made fake anti-counterfeiting codes for bad merchants and uploaded relevant information to their own query websites, even after querying or scanning some fake anti-counterfeiting marks, you can enter the website of the genuine company. The authenticity of the goods is not necessarily related to the results of the query. Consumers cannot simply think that the authenticity can be distinguished by scanning bar codes or two-dimensional codes. In this regard, lawyer Qiu Baochang, president of the Beijing Law Society's e-commerce rule of law Research Association, believes that 'if fake and shoddy manufacturers use these labels, there is no doubt that label producers and search websites have played a role in helping the tiger, it is equivalent to providing false proof '. Some lawyers also said that the current law does not have more detailed provisions on such services, and such services are indeed carried out by some manufacturers and merchants. 'so the use of this label, to be further improved by the law '. Text taken from Xinhua Daily Telegraph
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