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Now more and more enterprises begin to attach importance to the maintenance of brand image, which is an ordinary anti-counterfeiting label anti-counterfeiting and a means of brand maintenance. Today

by:LG Printing     2020-02-20
The temperature of the temperature-changing anti-counterfeiting label is mainly based on the temperature change of the ink. When applied, how is the ink sensitive? Some compounds are adjustable to the temperature, and the color changes with the temperature change, the performance of the material is called hot Ink ink, which can be further subdivided into reversible thermal ink and irreversible thermal ink according to the recovery and change of print color. One. The main features of the temperature change anti-counterfeiting label: the temperature change anti-counterfeiting label is difficult to copy, easy to test, and has the characteristics of not being successfully copied by a third party within a certain period of time, it is commonly used in automobile parts, light industry, machinery, building materials products, chemical industry, electronics and other industries. It is widely used in early single temperature change anti-counterfeiting. With the popularization of digital anti-counterfeiting technology, the anti-counterfeiting label with multiple temperature changes is used in combination with digital anti-counterfeiting, so that the anti-counterfeiting label has stronger and more convenient performance. Two. Temperature change anti-counterfeiting label routine detection method: 1. Temperature change anti-counterfeiting label: Touch the corresponding part of the label with the temperature of the hand, and the color will change in a predetermined way. Generally, this change is reversible. After the hand is released, once the temperature of the label decreases, the label will soon return to its original state; 2. High-temperature anti-counterfeiting labels: ordinary high-temperature anti-counterfeiting labels are baked with lighters. On the packaging and labels of many wines, for ordinary ones, they can be colorless to red, black to red, etc. ; 3. Anti-Counterfeiting of low-temperature identification: used for food refrigeration or refrigeration identification. This anti-counterfeiting technology is a special technology for the beverage and refrigerated food industries. Three. What kind of ink is used for temperature change anti-counterfeiting labels? 1. Irreversible: Hot ink discoloration, discoloration. Color development irreversible thermal ink is colorless in appearance, and after hot color, the cooled color will no longer return to colorless; The color change is irreversible after the primary color of the ink is heated from one color to another, the color after cooling is no longer restored; 2. Reversible: variable temperature anti-counterfeiting label reversible color, achromatic, color change three. The color reversibility is colorless appearance, the color appears after heating, and the color disappears after cooling to restore colorless; The reversibility of achromatic is that the primary color disappears after heating, and the primary color can be restored after cooling; The reversibility of discoloration is that the primary color changes to another color after heating, and the original color can be restored after cooling; The color can be changed sensitively with the change of ambient temperature, so that the color object has a dynamically changing color effect. The temperature of the temperature-varying anti-counterfeiting label effectively resists the counterfeit. The anti-counterfeiting product can make the product true, even if it is fake, it can be well explained, the temperature of anti-counterfeiting labels can effectively improve the reputation of enterprises. If the brand fraud of products is seriously fraudulent in the market, consumers will not dare to buy brand products. Therefore, prevention in advance and anti-counterfeiting afterwards are factors that enterprises must consider.
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