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New Concept - Label Clouds With Lasers

by:LG Printing     2020-04-12
You may not realize this but currently we can use light waves and spectrum analysis to determine the exact consistency of a gas cloud. Yes, that means any cloud of gas including water vapor, and that would include the thunderclouds we see rolling across the landscape, or even smog and pollution clouds. We now have satellites which can look down on a city, and tell exactly which types of gases or pollution are coming from which properties. This means no one will be immune in the future for their pollution contributions to greenhouse gases for instance. Okay so let's talk because I have a new idea. Perhaps in the future we can take this information and use lasers to actually sculpt the clouds and put words on them for all to see. Let me give you an example and for instance; 'This Cloud contains 3% CO2, 1% sulfur dioxide, 54% water vapor - Today's Air Pollution Moderate' That would be quite interesting wouldn't it? Interestingly enough, we have all the technology to do this already. Using satellites and satellite imagery communicating with the ground, we can easily determine what is in a specific cloud, relay that information to the ground, and have the lasers write that information and message into the cloud. With this technology we will know what pollution is coming out of every single smokestack regardless of the type of business. No one will be able to claim that they are not polluting if they are, or forge paperwork stating that they are not. Bob Hope once said; 'why would I want to breathe air that I couldn't see?' He was speaking about Los Angeles and the pollution back in the 70s and that smog, well, it was quite toxic, mostly due to the lead gasoline in the cars. Although he was just joking around when he said it, it certainly stops and makes you think. If you can see the smog, wouldn't it be nice to know what's in it, and if it would hurt you, or if you should go out jogging that day? With this new laser system we could also put other messages in the clouds such as; 'fire hazard today; extreme.' It might also be a good way to alert citizens of what is going on in case the power goes out, and in case they can't get on the Internet, or all the cell towers are down. In October of 2012 there was a serious hurricane (later downgraded and then re-upgraded to a super storm) in New York City and New Jersey which took out all the power. If they have this laser system they could simply use an old technique the Indians used to use; smoke signals. Only in this case they would take the existing clouds and put the message right on them. Please consider all this and think on it.
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