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Medical label: it is a special label for hospitals, which is used to label and explain the detailed information of products. Including medical labels, blood bag blood bank labels, medical labels, drugs

by:LG Printing     2020-02-15
Longgu printing professional self-adhesive label printing factory, professional custom medical label, exquisite label printing, safe and reliable, excellent quality, beautiful visual appearance, add brilliance to your products! Medical label materials: special paper, synthetic paper, bopp translucent paper, coated paper, pet, pvc, etc; Medical label glue: universal super-Adhesive Type, universal strong-Adhesive Type, refrigerated food Strong-adhesive type, all-weather special type, etc. , special labeling requirements can be customized glue; Medical label backing paper: white, blue, yellow glasin backing paper, transparent PET (High-speed labeling), Coated paper, etc. , customized according to your needs; Medical label specifications: size and shape can be customized; 500 sheets/volume, 600 sheets/volume, 800 sheets/volume, etc. , customized according to requirements; Medical label printing: size, shape can be customized design, or provide sample design graphic scheme for reference; Characteristics of medical labels: medical label labels can be waterproof, oil-proof, not easy to fall off, with clear printing, bright colors and no fading, smooth surface, uniform thickness and good gloss flexibility; Use of medical labels: widely used in hospitals, medicine bottle stickers, medicine shops, pharmaceutical enterprises, etc; As over-the-counter drugs are sold directly in pharmacies, more and more people will buy drugs directly in pharmacies, and drug manufacturers will pay more attention to medical labels and packaging, you will find that more and more medical bottle packaging will use beautifully designed drug stickers. 1. High-quality medical self-adhesive labels are suitable for labeling requirements of high-speed automation. Large health care products and pharmaceutical enterprises have a large unit output, and their production lines often require labeling speed of more than 100 bottles per minute, the requirements of some highly automated pharmaceutical enterprises for automatic labeling speed even reach 300 bottles per minute. The speed of Manual labeling and wet adhesive labeling is far from meeting the needs of this kind of high-speed production. 2. The adhesive of high-quality self-adhesive label is more suitable for the hygiene requirements of drugs. First, most of the adhesive itself does not meet the requirements of relevant hygiene standards, such as FDA and BGVV. Secondly, sticking with hand-mounted paste and wet glue labeling may leave glue outside the label, which is easy to bond bacteria and dust. The special adhesive for medical self-adhesive labels can solve these problems well. Self-adhesive labels are more delicate and beautiful than other label methods. In addition, in the future, self-adhesive printing manufacturers will pay more attention to logistics control to save costs and improve efficiency. Thermal transfer barcode labels are needed to control production management, inventory management, quality tracking, etc. So variable information printing ( variable informationprint)Labels will be used more widely. After 13 years of development, label customization design manufacturers have formed many characteristics and significant advantages in printing methods, production processes and product performance. Among them ( Medical Chinese label printing, medical English label printing, medical Universal Bar QR code label) To meet the 'harsh' requirements of high-grade aluminized paper medical labels on production equipment and production technology; With the rapid development of China's retail industry, foreign retail giants have entered China one after another. Domestic supermarkets have sprung up like mushrooms. In 2004, the total number of retail stores in the top 100 chain supermarkets nationwide reached 2. More than 50 thousand, an increase of more than 40%, the demand for medical labels in major supermarkets will only increase. Among the many self-adhesive label sticker design and printing manufacturers, our medical self-adhesive label sticker printing custom design Price, mainly based on medical label printing wholesale price, is more affordable; Welcome to understand, thank you!
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