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Many merchants realize the importance of anti-counterfeiting labels to products, but they do not know how to make anti-counterfeiting labels, how to build anti-counterfeiting systems, how to query anti-counterfeiting codes, and anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2020-01-20
1. First of all, it is very important to find a formal anti-counterfeiting company to cooperate. How to make anti-counterfeiting labels? Regular anti-counterfeiting companies can provide complete anti-counterfeiting solutions according to the requirements of merchants, and the problem can be solved by finding the right anti-counterfeiting company. Formal anti-counterfeiting companies are a complete set of solutions, from the final design of the label to the printing on the machine, from the logistics delivery to the opening of the inquiry service is completely free of the business. Some people will say, what kind of anti-counterfeiting company is formal? It is not a printing factory or an individual. It has a software copyright certificate. If it can own proprietary intellectual property products such as patented technology, it can better explain its technical strength, it is better to provide some honorary certificates issued by government departments and typical cases. 2. What qualifications do you need to make anti-counterfeiting labels? How to make anti-counterfeiting labels? It is not only necessary for the anti-counterfeiting company to be formal to customize the anti-counterfeiting label. As a customer, you also need to provide a trademark registration certificate or a trademark authorization, to prove that they have legal qualifications to enter the network to make anti-counterfeiting labels. Otherwise, those counterfeiters can also make anti-counterfeiting labels at will. 3. Introduction to the process of how to make anti-counterfeiting labels a. Customers need to provide enterprise qualification and trademark registration certificate or authorization certificate to authorize us to design and make anti-counterfeiting labels. B, we will also review the qualifications of the merchants, and then design the layout for free according to the needs and requirements of the merchants. C, after the merchant confirms the design draft, both parties sign the anti-counterfeiting label production contract and pay the advance payment. D, we are responsible for the printing of anti-counterfeiting labels and provide free anti-counterfeiting inquiry and verification services. Remind everyone that the cost of digital anti-counterfeiting labels and two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels includes the printing of anti-counterfeiting labels and anti-counterfeiting inquiry system services, and no other costs will be incurred without special requirements.
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