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Many enterprise companies print two-dimensional codes and bar code anti-counterfeiting labels on their own goods or commodity packaging as anti-counterfeiting marks, and consumers use mobile phones

by:LG Printing     2020-02-25
Dongguan bangyue specializes in producing anti-counterfeiting electronic labels with high quality and affordable prices, supporting customized labels and factory direct sales. NFC anti-counterfeiting label is an electronic anti-counterfeiting label, which is mainly used to identify the authenticity of products, protect the self-owned brand goods of enterprises, prevent the circulation of fake anti-counterfeiting goods in the market, and safeguard the consumer rights and interests of consumers. For example, NFC Moutai anti-counterfeiting label is an electronic anti-counterfeiting label, which is attached to the product packaging place, and consumers identify the electronic anti-counterfeiting label through the APP on the NFC mobile phone, decrypt the tag data and determine the authenticity of the product. Second, the use of features 1. Small area, large amount of information, not limited by label Area 2. Label design and content can realize the promotion of enterprise brand products 3. Maintain corporate products and protect intellectual property rights of independent products. Safeguarding consumer rights and interests: avoiding consumers being deceived to buy fake goods; It is convenient for consumers to understand commodity information, production information, etc. Maintain the normal circulation of market commodities, prevent counterfeit products from flowing into the sales market, and strengthen the monitoring and management of market commodities. Dongguan bangyue, which intelligently Tracks and Traces product information to ensure product safety and accuracy, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and application of bar code automatic identification technology. It has 18 years of label printing technology in label printing, specializing in the production of RFID electronic labels, high temperature labels, steel labels, jewelry labels, consumables carbon belts, etc; Brand agent: Ricoh carbon belt, zebra carbon belt and other brand carbon belts. Brand agent sales: Honeywell, Xunbao, CASHION and other brand barcode scanner; Citizen, zebra, CASHION and other brand bar code printers; Brand data collectors such as Xunbao and CASHION; Application System software development ( WMS warehouse management system, MES manufacturing execution system, etc). Contact information: Mr. Huang 13829225909 Address: Room 404, Building C1, TianAn digital city, Nancheng District, Dongguan city, Guangdong province
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