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Making anti-counterfeiting labels which technical requirements need to meet?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-05
Now on the market of fake and shoddy, many enterprises in order to distinguish it from fake and inferior products, and have an anti-counterfeit label for the custom, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and consumers, anti-counterfeiting labels is one of the anti-counterfeiting technology products, security products in the factory, should follow the anti-counterfeit label factory follow the technical requirements, may be a lot for the understanding of the technical requirements is not particularly anti-counterfeiting labels, here small make up to you to introduce what are the technical requirements are anti-counterfeit labels. < br />

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a, anti-counterfeiting labels technique: < br />
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1. Sees: in anti-counterfeiting printing label on all kinds of flowers line, at the same time of anti-counterfeiting also has the high technology. Can also with the combination of product and corporate image design personalized spends anti-counterfeiting labels.

  2. Tattoos: is according to the regularity and continuity to connect the various elements change over and over again, but the straight line, curve, the elements of corrugated lines and so on. Often used to document the anti-counterfeiting mark above.

  3. Lace: used for printing on the edge of the product, use a variety of different type lace, through changing its elements and color has reached the decoration and security role.

  4. Latent image: the related words and pictures printing in line, and it feels like is text and design lies in print < br />
< br />
5. Relief: the use of anaglyph processing, using the line do background, such a widely used anti-counterfeiting tag technology.

  6. Miniature: to the naked eye can't change the size of the text that the anti-counterfeiting technology design simple, the effect is very good also.

  7. The scanning: the use of modern high accuracy scanner and cannot be rendered a photographic plate making line. This can help prevent print being copied.

  8. Image processing: using different line, combined with the background of the print design, then according to the data set different procedures to produce a variety of different anti-counterfeit effect. < br />

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2, anti-counterfeit label requirements: < br />
< br />
1. Identity uniqueness: anti-counterfeiting technology products anti-counterfeiting recognition features of uniqueness and metastatic. The digital anti-counterfeiting, for example, do a commodity of the anti-counterfeiting mark a status code, each of the anti-counterfeiting mark can only be one-time use, cannot use.

  2. Stability: under the condition of normal use, anti-counterfeiting technology product anti-fake identification features of sustainable keep time. The fluorescent ink and temperature change ink, for example, have attenuation period.

  3. Safety period: under the condition of normal use, anti-counterfeiting technology products anti-counterfeiting recognition features are successfully copied. This is a customer is concerned, shall be made by manufacturer commitment period.

  4. Anti-counterfeiting efforts: identification of authenticity and prevent counterfeiting operation function of durability and reliability. Anti-counterfeiting efforts by the number of anti-counterfeiting recognition characteristics, the number of anti-counterfeiting technology monopolistic, generic difficulty and cost of generic size 4 elements.

  5. Using adaptive: anti-counterfeiting technology products anti-counterfeiting recognition characteristics can be used with the subject matter or the service object require the ability to adapt.

  6. Identify performance: the anti-counterfeiting technology products anti-counterfeiting recognition characteristics can through the senses or machine ( Instruments) In the requirements of the recognition time correct recognition. Line recognition stressed anti-counterfeiting recognition characteristics of the public intellectual, through the senses can identify namely; Second line identification stressed by simple instrument ( As a magnifying glass, laser pointer, ultraviolet fluorescence discriminator, etc. ) Namely can identify; Three lines to identify stress the special instrument ( Such as DNA) By experts to identify, as the basis of judicial judge. Second line recognition and the three lines emphasize anti-fake identification characteristics of implication.

  7. Use environmental requirements: anti-counterfeiting technology product anti-counterfeiting performance should be able to meet the requirements of the subject matter of the normal use environment.

  8. Technology security confidentiality: design and production of anti-counterfeiting technology product technology should have security confidentiality. Economic costs should also be considered in addition to adaptability, that is, at the same time in the meet the requirements of anti-counterfeiting technology should reduce the cost as much as possible.


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