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by:LG Printing     2020-02-16
After the cosmetic anti-counterfeiting label is made and sent to the customer, after the customer receives the goods, the anti-counterfeiting company will also provide a certain time of anti-counterfeiting inquiry service for these anti-counterfeiting passwords, ensure smooth voice query, SMS query, online query, etc. Cosmetics have many new brands, and then for cosmetics, there is a great market demand and a great profit margin. Is there any value in making anti-counterfeiting labels in the cosmetics industry? What can make anti-counterfeiting labels for enterprises? First, the value of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels in cosmetics 1. It can reflect the formalization of cosmetics enterprises, ensure the quality of cosmetics, and make consumers' purchases more matched. 2. Consumers can check the authenticity of products through the inquiry method on the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label to eliminate consumers' concerns. 3. After selecting the technology of one thing and one yard, each cosmetic is given a definite two-dimensional code, which increases the difficulty of counterfeiters in falsifying products and increases the cost of falsifying products, so as to resist the falsification of products by counterfeiters. Second, the value of anti-counterfeiting labels to Cosmetic Manufacturers: 1. It can effectively improve consumers' purchase intention, and has anti-counterfeiting labels, improve product level and establish brand image. The product has no anti-counterfeiting labels and is therefore irregular. 2. It can complete the systematic processing of products by enterprises, and the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label virtually adds a number to each product. 3. In order to ensure the healthy and stable development of the supply chain, the formal product supply chain stores will play a leading role, thus maintaining the competitiveness of the stores. Now, the anti-counterfeiting label of cosmetics has developed into a different 'jianghu faction', that is, the anti-counterfeiting of different industries, each industry has its own unique anti-counterfeiting technology, from miniaturization, laser reproduction, group Flower, lace, relief, dividing line, thick and thin line, anti-reprint background, secret record and other anti-counterfeiting design, with watermark paper, color fiber paper, fragile paper, thermal paper, Anti-Counterfeiting paper such as line-printed paper, fluorescent ink, double excitation ink, water-based ink, temperature-based ink, anti-coating ink, osmotic ink, light-based ink, magnetic ink and other anti-counterfeiting inks; There are various anti-counterfeiting inks from anti-counterfeiting materials such as holographic anti-counterfeiting film, combination printing, multi-color string printing/color rainbow printing process, variable data printing, holographic positioning ironing, etc.
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