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Low temperature resistant adhesive label paper

by:LG Printing     2021-01-21

low temperature resistant adhesive label paper, is a kind of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive with environmental protection and is suitable for thermal transfer printing and coating the surface of the needles and synthetic paper type tag,
that can tolerate low temperature, low temperature to - 196 degrees, viscosity, do not fall off, not deformation, not become warped.

low temperature resistant adhesive label paper usually has four layers: surface coating and substrate, adhesive and isolation of the bottom paper; Use the material generally have: synthetic paper, PET, nylon cloth, etc. ;
generally used in the industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, refrigeration, such as: cold storage, laboratories, liquid nitrogen, hospitals, Banks, vaccines, stem cells, sperm Banks, laboratory, food packaging, refrigerator, Antarctica, the arctic, etc; 。

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