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Learn more about what is an anti-counterfeit trademark?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-04
I believe everyone has a certain understanding of anti-counterfeiting labels. After all, there are more A-goods and imitations, so the popularization and use of anti-counterfeiting labels is very important, so have you thought about it when you buy products Maybe the product is real, but the trademark is actually fake? When you are buying a product, have you ever wondered if the label on the package is useful? Have you ever wondered if there will be problems with the trademark in this A-goods market? In fact, many large companies are afraid of themselves The trademark of the company is counterfeited. Such counterfeiting will directly damage the company's image and company interests. Then, how should the products be protected? What exactly is an anti-counterfeit trademark? Let me introduce it to everyone.

   1. What is the anti-counterfeit trademark used for?

   First of all, companies generally make anti-counterfeit trademarks for their products to prevent confusion of fake and inferior products. At the same time, it also effectively protects the rights and interests of consumers. Consumers can identify their counter-count. Recognizing trademarks to prevent them from buying fake and shoddy products can also make consumers more at ease.

  Second, the products produced by the company have anti-counterfeiting trademarks, which can make the products look higher in specifications and easier to win the trust of consumers. Through this, it can also reflect the company's sense of responsibility and corporate culture. Although it is just a small label, it represents the company's responsibility to consumers and also represents the company's attitude.

   Third, the use of anti-counterfeiting trademarks can not only bring great help to the best-selling of products, but also increase consumers' awareness of protecting their own rights and interests, and effectively combat counterfeit and shoddy products. Anti-counterfeiting trademarks can greatly reduce the possibility of customers being deceived.

  Fourth, the company can better manage products through anti-counterfeiting trademarks, and the cost of these anti-counterfeiting trademarks is not high. With them, the company can have a specific number for each product, which is more convenient for management and statistics, and it is convenient to check where the problem is once the product has a problem.

  5, to ensure the company's more sustainable and stable development. With the gradual improvement of the company's product reputation, the emergence of fake and inferior products is imperative. This is not only a huge threat to the company's promises, but also an important factor in preventing operational errors. Therefore, it is still necessary to add anti-counterfeiting trademarks to products.

  Secondly, what are the requirements for making anti-counterfeit trademarks and what materials are needed:

  1. The enterprise shall provide enterprise qualifications, such as copies and official seals of business licenses, tax registration certificates, trademark registration certificates, production licenses, etc.

  2. Provide brand identity and company name. The anti-counterfeiting company designs multiple anti-counterfeit trademarks according to the customer's anti-counterfeit trademark technical requirements and product packaging conditions to meet the company's choice of customers. The customer selects and designs the anti-counterfeiting trademark, and then signs and confirms the draft design.

  3. Sign an anti-counterfeiting agreement. The enterprise and the anti-counterfeiting company sign an anti-counterfeiting trademark authorization agreement and an access contract to clarify the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Sign an anti-counterfeiting agreement and attach an official seal.

   Then, it is very important to choose a good anti-counterfeiting company. If the company does not strictly follow the process when choosing a company, it will encourage illegal elements to conduct anti-counterfeiting. After the above explanation, do you have a certain understanding of anti-counterfeiting trademarks? A seemingly inconspicuous anti-counterfeiting trademark, whether for enterprises or consumers, brings many benefits. Because the appearance and performance of anti-counterfeiting labels are diversified, it really complies with that sentence; only you can't think of it, and you can't do it without anti-counterfeiting trademarks.

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