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Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used in product packaging. They have good anti-counterfeiting effect and rich and beautiful product performance. Many customers want

by:LG Printing     2020-02-02
Every customer's demand for laser anti-counterfeiting is different, after all, this is a customized product. But its essence is similar. Laser anti-counterfeiting label is also called laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label. It is made by using laser color hologram plate making technology and molding copy technology. Plate making is realized through plate making technologies such as dot matrix dynamic light and colorful optical random interference, and is made of alumina film or PET material as the main material. The production process of laser anti-counterfeiting label is as follows: 1. Design manuscript effect diagram: first, Credit Suisse anti-counterfeiting designer needs to give the reference effect diagram of laser anti-counterfeiting label to be confirmed by the customer. 2. Making color blind films: After the design is completed, make color blind films for the production of laser anti-counterfeiting label Masters. 3. Make a small version: make a small version of a single label according to the design manuscript and laser typesetting on the film pattern. 4. Electroforming: electroforming the finished small version to obtain a metal sample, and then assembling the metal small version into a large version for convenient printing. 5. Electroforming Holographic master plate operation plate: electroforming the large plate into Holographic master plate and Operation plate. 6, molding drying net: the work plate on the molding machine, embossed to The aluminized base film. 7. Gluing: give the corresponding glue type on the label according to the customer's requirements. 8, die-cutting waste: Making a die, die-cutting into the required shape specifications. 9, waste quality inspection package. If it is combined with code anti-counterfeiting label or two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label technology, these processes of coding and coating should be added after gluing, and the whole process will cost nearly 20 processes. At this point, the laser laser anti-counterfeiting label production process is completed, and it is not as simple as everyone imagined. It needs a very professional process to complete. Credit Suisse anti-counterfeiting is a professional manufacturer that designs, produces and manufactures various anti-counterfeiting marks. Welcome to contact us.
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