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Laser anti-counterfeit label how to discern between true and false?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-03
Laser anti-counterfeiting also called holographic anti-counterfeiting logo is to use laser color holographic projection plate-making interoperability and moulding copy process implement anti-fake mark. This is can directly with the naked eye take laser color results of operational and production; If needed by means of statistics to describe, with micro machines, internal efficacy anti-counterfeiting mark don't methods. Feature < br />
< br />
laser label' target='_blank'>anti-counterfeit labels is a cigarette luster, holographic layer makes film good antistatic, anti adhesion sex is very high, resistance to erosion of ink, blocking a soda. Single color colorful, there is a single rainbow, every rainbow color, and design also has a two-dimensional three-dimensional multiple and dynamic imaging. Inherent aroma are strong anti-fake, very beautiful environment. Principle < br />
< br />
light anti-fake mark is based on laser anti-counterfeit labels more messy anti-counterfeiting technology, it is the application of laser color process and moulding copy complete anti-fake mark; Sees: in laser anti-counterfeit printing label on all kinds of flowers line, operates in anti-counterfeiting mark also have high appreciation. Can help with the items and the combination of corporate image design personalized spends laser anti-counterfeit labels. Tattoos: is according to the periodic, continuity to various kinds of basic elements connected changes repeatedly, can is a straight line, arc, corrugated lines and so on the basic elements. Can be used to certificate the anti-fake mark above. Border: suitable for printing on the edge of goods, use various kinds of structural feature edge lines, and with the help of a change its basic elements and the colour has reached the adornment effect and anti-counterfeiting mark. Latent image: the about text documents and pattern design printing on the line, to give people experience seems to be a text document and design lies in print. Bas-relief: use the bas-relief processing, using texture background, this kind of laser anti-counterfeit label technology is applied widely. Miniature: reduce the text document to the naked eye and can't change the size, in fact anti-fake mark operational design simple, effect is very good. In the application of modern scanners and prevent scanning: photoengraving and unable to display the grain. Doing this can have stop print is copied. Pattern recognition: the use of texture, combined with the background of the print photos, then, according to the statistics of set of processes to form various kinds of anti-counterfeit marking effect. Anti-fake mark sex: < br />
< br />
1. Effectiveness: identity security standard operational security products to identify the effectiveness of the efficacy and metastatic. 1 items such as digital anti-counterfeiting mark, make sure that the laser anti-counterfeit label a status code, each laser anti-counterfeit labels only one-time cannot change in application.

  2. Stability: in the basic under application conditions, the operational items of anti-counterfeiting label identify in efficacy can be stable in a short period of time. Such as fluorescent ink and temperature change ink, have attenuation period.

  3. Identification: in the basic under application conditions, security standard operational security products to identify short term efficacy is completed counterfeit time < br />
< br />
4. Strength of anti-counterfeiting mark: distinguish authenticity, prevent fake fake durability and reliability. Anti-counterfeiting mark strength by the number of anti-counterfeiting mark distinguish function, quantity, generic anti-counterfeiting mark exclusive technical difficulty and generic size 4 elements production cost.

  5. In the use of adaptive capacity: anti-counterfeiting mark technical items of the anti-counterfeiting mark can distinguish function with the subject matter or the service project in the use of rules needs the ability to adapt.

  6. Distinguish performance indicators: anti-counterfeiting mark technical items of the anti-counterfeiting mark can distinguish effect with senses or machine correctly distinguish resolution time within the prescribed requirements. A line of prominent anti-counterfeiting mark resolutions function of public intellectual, with senses that can distinguish; Second-line distinguish outstanding with relatively simple instrument which can distinguish;

  7. Using the environment requirement: anti-counterfeiting marks anti-counterfeiting technology product performance should be able to achieve the subject matter of the routine use of environmental requirements. < br />
< br />
data show that use the same security standard template is produced by the same. But as a result of laser anti-counterfeiting will face a variety of elements in the process of production operation. Are usually not same anti-counterfeiting mark, therefore can use these to complete the anti-fake mark to distinguish true and false.
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