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Laser adhesive: it has excellent tear resistance, high temperature resistance, stable size, opaque and chemical corrosion resistance, good waterproof, antifouling and scratch resistance, and has special metal

by:LG Printing     2020-01-26
Laser label materials: Laser self-adhesive materials with various patterns and colors; Laser label glue: Universal general adhesive type, universal strong adhesive type, special labeling requirements can be customized glue; Laser label backing paper: backing paper is divided into white, blue, yellow glasin backing paper, white thick backing paper, economical yellow backing paper, etc; Laser label specifications: size, shape can be customized design, or provide sample design graphic scheme for reference; Laser label characteristics: the surface of laser paper self-adhesive label emits colorful light, with strong waterproof, antifouling and scratch resistance, strong printing color and material, beautiful luster, bright and charming; Laser label use: widely used in food packaging boxes, packaging bottles, wine labels, cosmetic bottle stickers and other fields; What are the types of laser stickers. The cutting end face of laser self-adhesive label material is uneven, which will not only affect the setting during printing, but also cause waste discharge difficulties due to the change of die-cutting position; Inconsistent tightness during rewinding will cause changes in paper tension during printing, and uneven tension will also cause printing quality problems. Before using different types of laser self-adhesive labels, it is very important to test the type of adhesive to see if this adhesive belongs to self-adhesive, heat sealing adhesive or coated water paper. Some adhesives react chemically with specific substances. For example, laser self-adhesive labels used as signs can contaminate certain special fabrics under certain conditions. Some labels that require short-term stickiness will produce long-lasting stickiness under exposure conditions. On the other hand, some labels that require lasting stickiness will lose stickiness on some surfaces. Laser self-adhesive label coating tension control is not good: the label that has been accurately coated is flat after being peeled off from the bottom paper, and does not curl. After labeling, the label can adhere to better follow-up; After the label with too tight film tension is removed from the bottom paper, the label is turned upside down, resulting in the scene of degumming and warping of the label edge after labeling; The shape design of the laser self-adhesive label bottle is unreasonable: the reasonable design should be that the outer surface of the bottle should be flat (The first is the design of the Oblate bottle) However, if the internal and external surfaces of the labeling are locally spherical, the labeling area is large when the paper label is applied, and the lower end of the labeling is easily wrinkled on both sides. Self-adhesive label design and manufacturer pointed out that the font anti-counterfeiting polyester film label, this kind of label is aluminum foil without word before the lifting, after the lifting, you can see obvious colored handwriting on the label paper and packaging materials, such ( Laser self-adhesive Chinese label printing, laser self-adhesive English label printing, laser self-adhesive Universal bar two-dimensional code label). The transparent PVC font anti-uncovering universal label is a white self-adhesive film label before being lifted. After being lifted, obvious colored handwriting can be seen on the label design and packaging materials. Transparent PVC anti-counterfeiting label, on the self-adhesive label or other documents, a transparent laser holographic film with personalized information is added, which does not affect the overall design and the original effect, and increases the anti-counterfeiting function, make the label personalized. Among the numerous self-adhesive label sticker design and printing manufacturers, our laser self-adhesive label sticker printing custom design price cost is mainly based on the wholesale price of laser self-adhesive label printing, which is relatively affordable; Welcome to understand, thank you!
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