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Ladies and gentlemen, can you tell us the difference between shiny holography and normal printing (Mengxin)

by:LG Printing     2020-03-20
Normal reflective light, polished iron sheet, cards in instant noodles, wound stickers, which can change color, shiny reflective holographic color change, ordinary stickers are directly printed on the sticker. . The shiny sticker is to print the color on the gold cardboard silver cardboard with a UV printer on a white background. Laser holographic Iris printing uses laser holographic photography to make templates in a shock-proof room, and then transfers the pattern to a certain carrier under a certain pressure. Under the irradiation of a 45-degree point light source, the product can produce a unique effect of colorful rainbow shape, and the stereoscopic impression of the image is extremely strong ,. You guys play virtual slag. . . Do a real sticker to come to me. . Can help you get it done, holo is holo, expensive, very expensive, cheap tt ibp is finished, what is the temptation to go home? .
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