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Label name: Laser Anti-Counterfeiting Trademark, laser label, laser label, disposable label

by:LG Printing     2020-02-19
Label materials: gold, silver, blue, green, red, Rose Red, etc. Gauge, grid: any specification, any shape (All customized according to the wishes of the guests) Inside, Capacity: completely customized according to customer requirements, design all free ,(Color, text, LOGO) Price, grid: please send the quantity, specifications, normal version or computer light engraving, right angle or rounded corner to the owner. Quantity: arranged according to customer specifications (16*16) CM a layout 200 version of the order, the price can be excellent, the final printing: before the official printing, we will send you a screenshot to confirm the renderings, please carefully confirm whether the renderings we sent you are consistent with the content you requested (Especially in terms of words and numbers)Because it cannot be modified after plate making! ! According to the final confirmation of the artwork, the product is a manuscript content error, and the store does not bear the corresponding loss responsibility. The customer's manuscript is no longer processed by the store, and is printed directly according to the manuscript. Delivery time: 4-after filming-5 days delivery (Factory straight hair) The store solemnly promises: All free reprints for printing quality problems, please rest assured to order.
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