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Keyword Research and Placement Strategies of a

by:LG Printing     2020-05-13
Keyword research and keyword placement are the SEO techniques and strategies that prove to be the decisive difference between two websites. These strategies mostly used by good white label SEO companies. A good white label SEO company will always understand that intelligent keyword selection is extremely important for your website's success. Not having the proper knowledge and/or understanding about the importance of keyword research and keyword placement may severely hurt your dream of ranking higher in the major search engines. Following are some extremely important tips about keyword research, selection and keyword placement. Keyword Research: The first, or the most basic step, of creating content for your website - or to even selecting its domain name - depend upon your keyword research. There are many free and paid software and tools, which allow you to search and analyze profitable, related keywords for your website. One of the most popular free keyword research tools is the Google Keyword Tool. Keyword Selection: Which Keyword Should You Choose? Selection of profitable keywords is always a dilemma. There is no rule of thumb regarding the selection of keywords. However, for easy understanding of the keyword selection process, following are some quick guidelines and cases: Monthly Searches: One way of keyword selection is on the basis of monthly searches: 1. High Search Volumes: High search volumes should be your primary target. As your profit is directly dependent on the amount of your receiving traffic. 2. Low Search Volumes: Low search volumes should be avoided, because of the obvious above-mentioned reason. Competition: Another way of keyword selection is on the basis of competition: 1. High Competition: High competition makes it extremely difficult to rank on the 1st pages by beating all the experienced entrepreneurs. 2. Low Competition: Low competition is always preferable, as it is easy to be ranked against low competition The Best Possible Criteria: It is an obvious fact that keywords with high searches will have a lot of competition, and vice versa. Therefore, it is mostly advisable to select a moderately high-searched keyword with medium competition. It will not be too difficult to rank high, and once you manage to be ranked on the 1st pages, there will be good potential of high traffic and profits. Keyword Placement: Keyword placement is as important as the keyword selection is. Many people do not put the required emphasis on keyword placement; however, it can easily be a decisive factor in a website's ranking. Keyword placement falls in the on-page SEO technique and has many sub-techniques in it. Following are some of the 'hot' placements, which should be considered when doing the placing keywords. Domain Name: Preferably, your primary keyword should always be in your domain name. However, it becomes difficult to find such a domain name, as a great majority of domain names have been already purchased. In order to counter that fact, try to use longer domain names with different permutations and combinations to find an available domain name. URL: Your webpage's URL address should also contain your primary or related keywords. The mere presence of the searched keyword in the URL address can have a significant impact on your webpage's ranking in the search engines. The H1 and H2 Tags: Whenever you create a webpage, do not forget to incorporate your keywords in the H1 and H2 tags. These two tags are the most powerful tags for a post, in terms of SEO and rankings. The main subject and the table of content are referred by the H1 and H2 tags, which is essential for increasing your search engine rankings. Meta Description: The presence of your main keywords in the Meta description is not only important in terms of SEO, but it is equally essential for inducing your readers to click on your webpage. Keyword research and keyword placement are some of the most crucial and important on-page SEO techniques used by white label SEO companies. These SEO strategies must always be applied, in collaboration with the off-page SEO techniques, for better search engine rankings.
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