We are engaged in custom hologram sticker printing, security stamping label and packing label printing nearly 20 years.

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by:LG Printing     2020-08-22

Along with particular person security options specifically ready to buyer specifications, we additionally offer a wide range of ordinary designs. Recombining is the process also referred to as step and repeat, multiply the single image from Master hologram.

We supply customized-made stamping dies using your own design. In order to extend the security, ACTIVE HOLOGRAMS has included into its holographic label manufacturing, extremely secret safety codification that makes it possible to detect these crimes. If we also keep in mind that holograms are impossible to duplicate with a scanner, photocopying machine or any optical process, we can understand that holograms are the best choice by far.

Foil stamping is taking a metallic foil and pressing it into cards with a hot foil stamping machine. Foil creates a glance that's very tough to replicate because it requires costly tools and data of plastic card manufacturing. are the favored base colors with 3d holographic results using prospects logos-texts in roll form to stamp onto paper plastic movie and authenticate the product as real. Optical security features in the type of holograms/OVDs protect and improve the product and improve confidence in users and customers.

True 3D holographic images are of models or objects which, in themselves, occupy quantity in space. The paintings for 2D/3D holograms is straightforward to supply as a result of every layer is printed onto a two dimensional sheet. Stacking these sheets and making a hologram of the stack produces parallax impact which the attention perceives as picture depth. Embossing stamps and dry seal stamps to mark or stamp texts or logos or photos, scorching stamps, wax stamping or stamping with hot stamping devices and stamping blocks.

The term is now trademarked, owned by the German firm Leonard Kurz and used only for excessive safety software such as banknotes, passports and other identity documents. Holograms Holographic images during which depth is indicated by a sequence of two dimensional planes are generally known as a 2D/3D holograms.
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