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It turns out that there are so many anti-counterfeit labels for stamps, a collision of art

by:LG Printing     2021-03-19
The stamps began to have their own anti-counterfeiting labels since the day they were produced, but due to the lack of advanced technology at the time, many stamps were counterfeited. Therefore, the fake stamps were born at the same time that the stamps appeared. What's interesting is that early fake stamps were used to deceive the postal authorities, and they were few in number. In recent years, with the development of the stamp market and the advancement of printing technology, the counterfeiting of postal products is developing in a large-scale and high-quality direction. Let's take a look at the collated anti-counterfeiting labels of stamps.

  1, false tooth hole stamp

   The fine teeth and coarse teeth of stamps, or stamps with the same pattern and small cashier's check, etc., when there is a big price difference between the two stamps, the forger will perforate.

  2, fake color stamps

   Because the description of the stamp color painting is not very accurate, people's understanding of the stamp color painting is mainly based on visual experience. Therefore, the standard of stamp color painting is difficult to accurately express in words and is difficult to distinguish. Discoloration and color leakage are the main varieties of postal products. Counterfeiters use chemicals to change or eliminate the color of stamps, thereby artificially causing the wrong color of stamps.

  3, fake stamps

  Stamp is to print a number of pictures and texts (usually text) on a stamp to supplement or change the original issuing organization, purpose, area of u200bu200buse, or face value, etc. In many cases, stamping is an emergency, with small circulation and short usage time, which is often more precious than the original ticket. All kinds; variant stamps are covered with all kinds of tickets, and some stamp collectors scramble to buy rare pets. At the same time, fake tickets have always been one of many forged tickets, which are difficult to identify.

  4, fake watermark stamps

   The watermark on the stamp was added when the stamp was made. People cannot make stamps without watermarks into stamps with watermarks. This is an important reason for using watermarked paper to prevent counterfeit labels. However, counterfeiters sometimes adopt the method of changing the beams and columns, revealing the stamps without water, and then sticking watermarked stamp paper on the back to make them fake watermarked stamps.

  5, fake adhesive-backed stamps

   On many early old stamps, some or all of the adhesive will fall off due to improper protection. Only glue marks are left. In order to make stamps with damaged adhesive backs become highly imitations; for new stamps, counterfeiters will repaint the backs of these stamps with a new layer of glue. Such imitation adhesive stamps are generally difficult to identify and require rich identification experience.

  6. False and real mailings

   Since the value of real envelopes is often higher than the value of a stamp, there will be a lot of fake envelopes. The main method of making fake seals or real seals.

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